Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Babbling Random Points of Interest

1. The Muppets Movie Rocks. I smiled liked a 5 year old at Christmas the whole way through. EVERYBODY should see this movie. It is absolutely delightful! And Jason Segel should just sing all the time.

2. Black Friday is officially dubbed Black Christmas. It's hell on earth and no one should have to endure crazy shoppers stuffed in small shopping aisles. I'm over this ploy of 'sales'. 

3. Rumor is Pan Am got canceled. Still awaiting "official" word. I've been expecting that word since September. 

4. I'm convinced that Hart of Dixie is filmed on the same lot/same town as Gilmore Girls. Every time I watch Hart of Dixie I just think about how amazing Gilmore Girls was/is. Maybe this is why I'm continuing the torture of watching Dixie, just to reminisce on Lorelai and Rory. I miss the banter. And Luke. Sigh. 

5. X Factor is boring the hell out of me. America doesn't have a Cher Lloyd. Sigh.

6. Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for a third season. I have to know who A is pronto! (Go ahead and laugh.)

7. Dexter and Homeland make Showtime the best ever. LOVE

8. Having a puppy is super cool. 

9. I hate the cold. Is it spring yet?

10. I'm going to see Rachael Yamagata in concert this Friday night!!!!!!!!! Posts will happen with video and pictures of at least me being stupidly happy. 

That is all. Smile happy peace and stuff.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve A Super Water Sympathy Explosion of LOVE!!!

Thanksgiving Eve was SPECTACULAR. Why? Cause we (Rob and I) got to see Super Water Sympathy. This was the first time we got to see the band together. Rob is usually working behind a camera or I'm working somewhere else, but not this time. This time we had drinks in hands and smiles on our faces and love in our eyes and only 10 feet between us and the band. :)
Super Water didn't disappoint. They brought the fire and very loyal fans. Chicky's Boom Boom was electric as Super Water opened the show with Slade was Made and I threw myself into the sky and wrapped my arms on Saturn's rings. (Lyrical reference for those of you unfamiliar!) Check out a video below for a portion of the song!
They played all their great songs including my favorite "Spain." Check video below and you might catch a glimpse of me singing along like the loyal fan I am. And how awesome is Ansley? She just radiates super cool kick ass chick that might drink you under the table and still sing an incredible show. Rock-n-roll. Mucho respect for this lady!

All in all Super Water Sympathy's Thanksgiving Eve show rocked my world. We were lucky enough to even hear a new song, Lucy Blue Who. I'm super anxious for a new album and a new music video. If you haven't seen their music video for You Us Hey, then stop everything and watch it. It makes me smile. And a shout out to Kemerton Hargrove who shot this video. Props man!

 This is my second post about Super Water Sympathy. If you aren't a fan by now, then shame, shame, shame. Santa doesn't visit non-believers! Check out the band on Facebook and buy their album!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Classic....re-invented.

Back in 1989 a Brit by the name of Neneh Cherry had a modest hit called Buffalo Stance. (It was bigger in the UK than the US.)
My sister introduced me to the song and it forever became a go to song of happiness. I smile when I think of it, I smile when I hear it. I still love it. 

Today I was listening to Cher Lloyd's new album Sticks & Stones
Cher was discovered on the UK X Factor. I first talked about her here.
As I listened through her album a track caught my attention. It was one of those, "Wait! I know this, sort of." 
Cher has a song titled Playa Boi. It straight up samples, steals from Buffalo Stance. And still it makes me happy! It's a fresh take on the song and in my head is a #1 hit. I love it!

I'm pleased with Cher's album. She mixes genres and still manages to stay age appropriate (she's 17 I think). I hope Americans dig on her music. It's pretty bitchin.

Take a look at the original Buffalo Stance video. Then listen to Cher's song.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strange overview...Kelly Clarkson edition.

I've posted about Kelly Clarkson's new album Stronger
It's been a bit now, and my honestly, I'm still iffy on the album as a whole. Kelly's voice shines. As always. But there isn't that song that gives me chills or makes me sit and contemplate the world or people or anything. It's a surface album, but still better than other surface albums. Catch my drift?
I think of Adele and Kelly in same realm of my brain and I get sad cause Kelly's albums don't compare to Adele's albums, however, Kelly's voice is just as good.
Example: Only Kelly can take another successful American Idol alum and make their song song even better. I'm speaking of Carrie Underwood. Carrie is incredibly successful in the country world and truly a great artist. But in the video below I'm reminded why Kelly is better. 
Sooner or later Kelly WILL have that album that takes her to the Adele level of SUPERB. I do have that faith. Watch this video and tell me you don't feel the same. I double dog dare you. 
Again....check out Kelly singing the song better HERE.

For shits and giggles, I've also added a live version of Carrie singing the song. Both versions were recorded THIS year. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Addition to our Bledska family....His name is Yoshi :)

Rob and I finally made the leap to puppyhood. We are now the proud parents of Yoshi. He is part shih tzu part long hair Dachshund. Yoshi is surprisingly trainable and too cute for words. Here are pictures to ooohhh and awwwee over. Be jealous. It's cool.

 Our cat, Buffy, has actually taken a liking to him. Happy Family.


Monday, November 14, 2011

2 reasons Shreveport kinda Rocks......

Rob and I have been living in Shreveport for 3 years now. 3 years. And in that 3 year time period we haven't done much outside of working and hitting the plethora of bars. Now in our 30s (Rob's the big 30 tomorrow!!) we are looking for more substantial entertainment. Not that we're real adults or anything, just itching for something new. 
Our first venture away from the bars took us to the Louisiana State Fair. I LOVE fairs/carnivals. I have deep happiness associated with them since my childhood. But, this was my first Louisiana Fair. And we went on a Saturday night. I'm not a crowd person. Down right hate them. But I ventured there anyway. 
We didn't ride any rides.
We ate. 
And we ate. (And drank a couple of beers)
Damn fair food is AMAZING.
Best discovery of the night was the Cheddar Nuggets or as the Northern's say "cheese balls." Cheese balls were/are Rob's favorite food. I am quite partial to them also! You can't find cheese balls in the south. Cheese sticks? Yes. Cheese Balls? No. And really, they taste completely different! 
Here is the wonderful place that sold us 2 orders of Cheddar Nuggets.

We also had a blast taking pictures. Here's C3P0 holding the cheddar nugget.

 The following Saturday night, Rob surprised me with tickets to the Symphony. Sounds super fancy, right? Yep. But this wasn't just any Symphony, nope, it was Cirque De La Symphonie!
Not as extravagant as a real Cirque du Soleil, but it was damn enjoyable. And we had such a lovely time. Rob managed to sneak a picture during a performance. Shhh, don't tell anyone!! We had great seats and I didn't nod off once! It really was a wonderful night. 
I like my husband ;)

 So, you local Shreveportions, Shreveportinites, Shreveporters, Shreveportonians.....venture out. Try something new. Like hit the fair and ONLY focus on food. Or go to the Symphony. It's kinda awesome!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oscar debacle in few words....

If you are unaware of what's been happening with the fate of the Oscar's host & producer, no worries, I'm here to sum it all up for you:

Brett Ratner (check his credentials here.) was set to Producer the next Oscars. 
Eddie Murphy was set to host.
Brett Ratner said in a videoed interview that rehearsing is for f**gots. 
The world got offended (please keep in mind that Brett Ratner is a douche. Hollywood knows it. The world should too).
Brett Ratner got "let go" and Eddie Murphy quit in some strange alliance to Ratner.

Now, Brian Grazer (credentials here.)is producing and......
drum roll........
Billy Crystal is hosting. 
I do find it funny that with a little controversy surrounding the Oscars, the Oscars' Gods go back to what they know; Billy Crystal.
I'm not complaining, I love Billy as a host. He has never done wrong in my eyes. But, come on, it's a little funny. 

That's the week in Oscar news :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Darren Aronofsky

Mr. Aronofsky is a hero/inspiration to me. He's a director I look up to and study. His films creep inside me and linger a little too long for comfort. THAT takes talent. I always remember the first time I see one of his movies. They are visceral pieces of moving art. 
So, it is no surprise that his latest piece of directing has got me almost giddy with Awe. AND, it's only a PSA.....about Meth. 

Powerfully frightening. 

Curious about Darren? Check out his resume here.

The First Time : Glee edition

Last night was the episode I have been waiting for....
Take notice TV world cause these are the ingredients needed for a good TV episode:
1. Beautiful people with amazing voices singing my favorite songs from West Side Story. (ie A Boy Like That & America)
2. Sex.
3. A group of hot guys singing any Billy Joel.

I could nit pick Glee's episode to death with aspects I didn't like or opportunities missed, etc. But why? The ingredients listed above make perfect happiness. No need to ask for something I will never get (Officer Krupke!!!!!). Just be happy. And I am. You should be too.
Plus, Lea Michelle was made to play Maria. What a voice. 
2 thumbs up and satisfied.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The Queen to all that is Holy has allowed a leak of her next single.
For those of you who don't follow M religiously, then you should know that the Queen will be performing at the Halftime show at the Super Bowl, which coincides with the release of a new single/album. 
Moment for excitement. 

Okay, well today the world was blessed with a leak of the demo....

Your welcome my 13 subscribers!  (I really need more subscribers in order to feel really important. So PLEASE, pass the word!)

2 movie Review

My husband and I finally made it back to the theater for a movie. We usually see at least 1 movie a week, but life got busy and we hadn't been to the theater in a month :(  
We made it back, but we were not pleased. Our mistake was seeing  
In Time. We were both intrigued by the concept of the film so it seemed like a no brainer. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, here it is.....
Everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at 25. From the moment they turn 25 they start living on time, literally. They get paid in time, they purchase things with time, etc. The "time" is shown in pretty green neon on the forearm of each person.

That's the concept. Pretty cool, right? Well, everything got lost in translation cause this movie was a freaking, unimaginative BORE!!!
I would not recommend this movie. It might be worth a viewing if it accidentally appeared in your DVD player and you didn't in any way actually pay any money. That way, the movie will only be sucking your time and not your pocketbook. (I had to have at least 1 time suckage pun!)  Final: 2 thumbs down. 

Second movie of the week was Melancholia.  I have been uber excited about this trailer for months. I am happy I got to see the film, but I don't know how I feel about the film. It's definitely an art house movie with it's 5 minute opening of extreme slow motion shots. Granted, these shots are beautiful. The cinematography is breath taking. But, the story? Slow. Muffled. Sad. Oddly intriguing. Is it worthy of Oscar buzz? Perhaps. I wouldn't be surprised. But, I'm sure I'll have a lot to say on Oscar buzz once I've seen more contenders.
And that's that. I can't seem to force myself to say anything more about the movie. Oh, wait....I LOVED the score. Haunting pieces of music. 


Friday, November 4, 2011

Ryan Murphy is connected to me and makes my dreams come true!!!!!!!!

Holy Shit!!!!!!! This tuesday's episode (Nov. 8) of Glee is answering all my Glee prayers!

Remember when I begged to the internet Gods and Ryan Murphy to make sure Santana (Naya Rivera) sang America? AND I dreamed of A Boy Like That performance? NO?!!!? Refresh yourself HERE!

Well....it's all happening! This Tuesday night! 
Ryan Murphy MUST have been reading my blog ;) and demanded that these songs happen. I feel unbelievably blessed that he listens so well. (Now, make Quinn dye her hair back to pink and have her sing a Pink song!)
The happier news is that I have found the songs :) Yes, you can listen now!
Granted, Santana is NO Rita Moreno, but she holds her own. I truly believe it will be even better when we can see her perform!

Check out the songs :)
America (Naya Rivera & Glee Cast)
A Boy Like That (Naya Rivera & Lea Michelle)

I am exploding with happiness!!!!!!!
A full review of Tuesday nights episode will be posted Wednesday. So stay tuned! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Recently Rob and I went to the pound, looking around at puppies and kitties. Yes, we were cheating on Buffy (our cat), shhhh!
Anyway, we came across a few kittens that look similar to Buffy, but they sounded....well, different. Like.....just watch and listen :)

Watch it again! That kitten was Too much! Lol.

Oscar Contender and Marilyn Monroe :)

I have strong hunches that say Michelle Williams will be nominated for her role as Marilyn Monroe in the new flick My Week with Marilyn. The Academy tends to love biopic films. I also think Leo DiCaprio will be nominated for his turn as J.Edgar.
Yes, I'm excited for both films.
And, both films should be at your local Cineplex by month's end!

Check out the trailers!
Better quality Marilyn click here 

And for a better quality J.Edgar click here 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sometimes I'm blind

Sometimes my mind goes blank and I just don't pay attention. 
Florence + The Machine has a new album!!!!!!!

I reckon in the back of my mind I knew, cause I've been digging on their single Shake it Out. Check out the video below.

The new album, Ceremonials, is downloading in my iTunes as I type this. I hope it rocks my world like their last album. 
It's been such a great fall music time for me. 
Now, Fiona Apple......... (fist raised in air)

Trailer for viewing

I've been fascinated by this trailer for months now. This movie seems oddly wonderful and intriguing. I do hope I get to see it in theaters.  Could it be an Oscar possibility?  Not sure, but Kirsten Dunst did win best actress at Cannes. We'll see....
 In the mean time. Watch this trailer.
If you'd like a better quality click here 
If not, watch the one below.

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