Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pink, No Doubt, Me happy girl.

Music has been so good to me this last year. I'm super happy to have a new Pink album to please my ears. I've already fallen in love with a few of her new songs. Recently though, I've been flashing on one of the best performances I've ever seen (on TV). I think it was the 2010 Grammys. Pink sang "Glitter in the Air." First off, that song wasn't even popular then. No radio play (at least not popular radio). It was, however, my favorite song from her Funhouse album. I was ecstatic to hear those first few notes that night. She could have just stood on the stage and sang that song and I probably would have still wanted to cry because of the beauty. But, that's the thing with Pink, she takes it beyond. This is a true performer and vocalist at work. Watch and enjoy. Also, try to hit any high note laying on your side. I dare you.
click HERE to watch it big.

Now you can watch a lyric video of my favorite song off her new album. It's a duet with the lead singer from Fun. Click HERE  to watch it big!

After 11 years, No Doubt is back with a big bang. I've just got the album and have only listened a little bit, but I'm liking what I hear. There is a more ska influence that had been lacking in all pop music. I'll feature their latest music video. The music video is just all right, but the song, the song is like 4 songs in one. It's kinda epic in that way. First listen, I liked it. Second listen, obsessed with it. Check it out. Click HERE to watch it big.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Monday morning and all I can think about is how excited I am for Sunday night. 7 days. Only 7 more days and I get to bask in the glow of Homeland, Dexter, and Revenge. All On The Same Night. It's Peanut Butter with the Chocolate kinda good.

Until then. We say adieu to Big Brother. Ian wins and we are all very happy for him and blah blah blah. I still think Dan deserves to win. Mastermind of Gods (MOG). I'm coining that right now. Dan is the MOG. I'm glad he got some money. He deserved it. I'm gonna miss Big Brother. Till next summer I'll dream of watching another Dan-esque character running the minds of his 5 minions. *sigh*

Special mention to the return of The Office. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Kevin and his turtle was perfect comedic work. I highly look forward to every episode. The bar has been set!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ode to the Talker

 Ode to the Talker

...your lips move like flapping bumblebee wings
          (130 beats to stay a float)
which generates a soft breeze across my face

               and i forget you are speaking.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday poetry: My sentiments for the day

only rage
people, I do implore,
the people me and your
how to

run businessess one it's all folklore. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday morning poetry : Euphemism


Closed wooden door that opens to
wandering thoughts that do go
places that billow aglow
         for that brass handle does hold
         a century of secret bellows. 
the slender length that curves your hand
and feels the warmth inside expand
unfolding the heavy doors
our tiny steps spring the floor
the brass doth shine 
in our wistful eyes
as the herculean doors fly open
we are but left to bathe in air of golden 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's official. Your time is now taken by moving pictures

Fall TV has officially kicked off. TV shows have started, the weather a little more crisp, and Why Not Mindy is celebrating 1 year of blogging. 
I'm not great at sticking to things or following through. I still have a short film that lays unfinished because the sound frustrated me. But this blog thing, I'm proud of indeed. I still have my loyal 15 followers (I think) and I'm averaging 30 page hits a day. Seriously, move over Perez Hilton, Why Not Mindy is coming up roses.

Since my first blog entry was about Fall TV, I shall continue and start my first tradition :)
Here's a list of Much Watch TV and their start dates. 

The New Normal - Sept. 10
Revolution - Sept. 17
Bones - Sept. 17
How I Met Your Mother - Sept. 24
2 Broke Girls - Sept. 24
Partners - Sept. 24
The Voice (live rounds) - Sept. 24
90210 - Oct. 8
Gossip Girl - Oct. 8 

Go On - Sept. 11
The Mindy Project - Sept. 25
New Girl - Sept. 25
Ben & Kate - Sept. 25
Hart of Dixie - Oct. 2
Emily Owens, MD - Oct. 16
Don't Trust the B**** in apt. 23 - Oct. 23

X Factor - Sept. 12
Modern Family - Sept. 26
The Neighbors - Sept. 26
Arrow - Oct. 10
American Horror Story - Oct. 17
Suburgatory - Oct. 17
Nashville - Oct. 10


Glee - Sept. 13
Up all Night - Sept. 20
The Office - Sept. 20
Parks & Recreation - Sept. 20
Big Bang Theory - Sept. 27
Grey's Anatomy - Sept. 27
30 Rock - Oct. 4
Vampire Diaries - Oct. 11

COMMUNITY !!!!!! - Oct. 19

TMNT - Sept. 29

Revenge - Sept. 30
Homeland - Sept. 30
Dexter - Sept. 30

And that represents my fall. :) Please keep in mind: I don't read reviews for new shows, only the synopsis. I refuse to allow some wordy writer tell me what is good TV. It's all subjective. 
Do the same people. Watch what you wanna watch and really enjoy. Come on, my favorite, most looked forward to shows are Homeland, Gossip Girl (final season!), and Nashville
I like what I like. Do the same.
Another huge date I left out:

October 5-7
Louisiana Film Prize Festival
my film is in the top 20 and I would love everyone to come out and support, not only me, but all the filmmakers. It's truly gonna be a kick ass weekend of fun.
Check it: 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part II - The New TV edition

I've given you enough time to digest part I of the upcoming New TV.
Now, its time for Part II - The New TV Edition. 

1. The Neighbors - premiering Sept. 26
    Breakdown - A family moves to a new neighborhood only to discover that the their idealistic cul-de-sac neighbors are all aliens. I'm a bit unsure about this one. But, I'll remain open until I see the pilot. This could be the first canceled show of the season or run for 7 seasons. You never know now a days.
excitement rating **

2. TMNT - premiering Sept. 29
        Breakdown - Hello! It's 2012's version of TMNT. It's new but still has the retro feel that will remind you of your childhood. I know my husband will be watching and memorizing the opening credit song, which is below :)
excitement rating *** (2 extra** for my husband's excitement)

3. Arrow - premiering Oct. 10
        Breakdown - It's a spin on Green Arrow. At first, I said, "Na, no thanks." Then I watched the upfront trailer and I said, "Ya, why not." It's also like a cross between Dark Knight and TV's Revenge.
excitement rating ***

4. Ben & Kate - premiering Sept. 25
    Breakdown - It's a brother, sister comedy. It also has THE cutest child. 
excitement rating ****

5. Emily Owens, MD - premiering Oct. 16
    Breakdown - It stars Meryl Streep's daughter. So.....yeah, I'm gonna watch it and compare her to her mother. I hope she and the show is good. It looks to be a smash up of Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs.
excitement rating ***

That sums up the NEW TV shows I'm interested in watching. Yes, there are others, but they didn't make my excitement meter tick.

Tonight (Sept. 11) new shows are premiering! Be sure to catch:
The New Normal
Go On

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A hint of Fall....Fall TV preview :)

the first hint of fall breezed in today carrying with it the EW's Fall TV Preview. The gods shined down on me today, delievering perfect weather, perfect drink and an appropriate amount of alone time. It's nice to lean back, espresso martini in hand, and think, "Right now, I wouldn't change a thing."

Here is Part I of my Fall TV Breakdown (the brand new show edition.
Last fall I was overwelhmed by the new TV programming. Some great shows came out and some not so great. Luckily this year I only have 11 new shows that peak my interest. Let's observe:

1. Nashville - premiering Oct. 10
   Breakdown: It's like the movie Country Strong, but inevitably better. The show is being heavily touted as the show to watch. I was in when I heard singing. Yes, there will be singing, country style. Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton star: and sing their own music. Got to love multi talented people. excitement rating *****

2. Revolution - premiering Sept. 17
    Breakdown - what happens when all electricity stops working? That alone has me interested. Plus, JJ Abrams is involved. This will be an amazing show or will turn into a Terra Nova. 
excitement rating *** 

3. Go On - premiering Sept. 11
    Breakdown - who cares cause it has Matthew Perry being snarky and funny. If you are savvy enough you can watch the pilot already. I have and I am DAMNED excited. Filled with laughter and heart wrenching moments. I'm very excited for episode 2 so I can see if it will be as good as the pilot. excitement rating *****

4. The New Normal - premiering Sept. 10
     Breakdown - This new comedy comes from Ryan Murphy. So naturally, I'm in. But also, I really like the premise. A gay couple want a baby and they hire a surrogate to carry the little bugger. Thus, being the new normal. Ryan Murphy always tries to push the line and I love him for it. excitement rating ****

5. Partners - premiering Sept. 24
     Breakdown - From the team that brought us Will & Grace are back. This time they got rid of Grace and replaced her with a straight man. I'm in. excitement rating ****

6. The Mindy Project - premiering Sept 25
       Breakdown - It's Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor from The Office. This female is brilliant. She was a producer and frequent writer on The Office and now she's headlining her own show. Bravo.
excitement rating ****

Stay tuned to tomorrow and I'll round up my new show interests! 
Happy watching!
also, check this


Friday, September 7, 2012

The World is Approaching, but not in a Melancholia way

A recent search through Instant View on Netflix yielded the best news: Revenge. Yes, Season 1 of Revenge is now available for your viewing pleasure.
Are you one of the nit-wits that didn't give into the Hampton set soap drama? Well suck up your pride, your ego, and just sit down and enjoy good, solid drama TV. 
This news is exciting because of the upcoming Fall TV slate. Old, new, mediocre shows are on the breach of sucking up all our free time and I couldn't be more excited. 
But, let's pause a moment and give some kudos to some incredible summer tv.
1. Big Brother. Holy Shit Dan. You are officially the best player the game has EVER had. You deserve to win. (But I'm rooting for the lovable Ian.) This season has just been jaw dropping, chocolate eating good. Thank you CBS casting for finding such a perfect mix of people.
2. Dance Moms. This show can never end. I must know what happens to these talented little girls and their psychotic moms. Crazy how we never see a husband :/ The latest episode introduced a new girl. We all know that means Trouble. That stands for T and rhymes with P, and that stands for PROBLEMS! Oh joyous.
3. True Blood. The show delivered. Enough said.
4. Suits. (on TBS) Season 2 aired this summer and I'm just in lust with this show. The men's fashion is just perfection and the story lines are as juicy as the leading man's ass. sounds perfect, right?
5. Bad Girls Club (whichever season they are on, I get confused). What doesn't confuse me, but more so confounds me is the amount of fights these girls have. This season has been cat fight, tiger fight, and finally a panther fight. It's been great jaw opening season. Keep it up Oxygen. And again, kudos to the casting department. They sure do know how to pick them!

Coming soon: My do's and don'ts of Fall TV.
Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Advisement and poetry aka The Day of Random

Most modernist know of Etsy. (that's I'm new to the discovery, mostly cause I have a tendency to just want. Want anything. I want "things" and for a reason that Can Not be blamed on anyone or anything but my inner idWhat does my id scream? " BOOTS! GO FIND AMAZING BOOTS AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE PERFECT." 
Well today I took a gander on etsy. I typed in boots, then hit the vintage key and an immediate rush that can only be linked to that of illegal drugs overcame my breath. That same search came up with 11,000 boot options. 11,000. Pause and think, 11,000. 
I shit myself. Then with all my strength, I closed that tab and swore to never look at that again. At least until I have money to blow.
Fall is approaching and I'm just itching for perfect boots and comfortable long sweaters. I don't like cold weather, but I damn sure love the clothes.

Lastly, I leave you with an Ani Difranco poem. 
She is a hero to women with brains. She's the modern Dorothy Parker. She's been my survival and best friend (not literally, but figuratively) There hasn't been a strong moment in my life that didn't include an Ani song or poem. I'm grateful.

 "clip clop clack"

a girl with the sun of her youth
at her back
and the shadow of her womanhood
before her on the stones
is approaching with a delicate
clip clop clack
her sandals full of toes
that i suppose are headed home

it's early in the evening
and up and down the river
people begin to gather
pearls of laughter
on a strand
i thought solitude would save me
it was pious
it was grand
but the monk that walked beside me
just let go of my hand
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