Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Les Miserables the 2012 edition.

Yet again, Les Miserables is getting another movie. I actually have high hopes for this one, so they better not F it up. Check out the latest trailer.
Did you get chills. I did. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bledska Works is ready for your help.

We've gone and done it. We set up an Indiegogo page in hopes of making some money in order to shoot an incredible short film.
Check out our plea :

Not convinced? Check our website for even more convincing videos of our awesomeness.

We are shooting this short in order to submit it to the LA Film Prize. This festival has an incredible prize: 50K. Yep. Life changing money for struggling artists like ourselves. 
We don't know any other way to make this short besides begging for money. Cause, in case you didn't know, making movies are expensive. :(
Go to the Indiegogo page and read all about our mission and what the short is about.

Cheers everyone.

OH!!! Be sure to pass this information along. The more people giving, the easier it can be on all givers!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Super Water Sympathy is my awesome....Shouldn't it be yours?

So, I reckon I've posted a bit about Super Water Sympathy, hell, I've posted a lot about them. I love this band; as musicians and as people. They really do rock. AND they are just super fucking cool. 
Well, I had the pleasure of shooting a photo shoot with my husband for them and just let me tell rocked. I can not wait to get these pictures out to the public. 
Also, if you are a local (Shreveport) or local enough, SWS is playing Mudbug Madness tomorrow night at 9:00pm AND then playing Fatty Arbuckles for the "after party" with Irene and the Sleepers.
I will be there, front row probably, and you should too. If you live here and don't know this band, feel ashamed and come support local great talent. If you don't live here, come support. This band is destined for greatness and much publicity. Get in now so you can tell your friends you knew them when...... :)
Also, stay tuned for new SWS pictures....they will be on my blog as soon as the band says it's A Okay. There are headed off to London next week to record their next album (I'm trying to contain myself, but seriously I'm busting at the seems from pure happiness).
Much love on this holiday weekend. Have fun, be safe, but enjoy the life you have.
Check them:  HERE 
ALSO: Check out the music video Bledska Works shot for them. I'm not biased at all, but I think it kinda rocks :)

Also, I need this band to make it big so I can Karaoke their songs. I would F***ing killing the song Spain! Watch out Ansley. ( not really, her voice blows my mind).

combination of awesome

Last night on the tele a wonderful thing occurred (I think it's wonderful, but I haven't actually watched it yet):  
Singing and Dancing.
Thursday night saw the premieres of So You Think You Can Dance and Duets.
I'm an old and long fan of SYTYCD and I'm always excited to watch the dancing. Sometimes when I'm alone, I'll pretend to dance lyrical like the girls on TV do. In my head I'm amazing.
Now, Duets is new and I love the premise: regular people get the chance to sing with stars, like Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke. I'd rather do other things with Robin, but to each there own.
I mean seriously, Alan Thicke did a great job procreating. Whew. 
 Okay, so I digress, but my blog point is. Singing and Dancing happened on the tele last night and I hope everyone tuned in, or at least have the eps on stand by like me. 
I shall report my thoughts soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Script yet, but the trailer makes me giggle and giggle and giggle and swoon.

I don't need words. 
Anchorman is getting a sequel and I am happy about it.

Watch this and I dare you to not like it. (parents, you are exempt from this challenge)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PTA is back. Trailer blows mind

Paul Thomas Anderson is back and in one hell of a way. Check out the new trailer for his newest flick The Master.
Synopsis:   A 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as "the Master" whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter who becomes his right-hand man. 
AKA : Loosely based Scientology movie!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

my remembrance

you were my understanding that got left in blue,
but not to fret, i'm still with you. 

A song for you:
Beth Hart's Leave The Light On.

I wish you would have left the light on.

It was a week of saves, dismissals, new additions, and WTF moments.

It was a week of saves, dismissals, new additions, and WTF moments. Like, Dan Harmon is no longer the show runner for Community. What??!!! How can Community be Community without Dan Harmon? He is the center of what is quirky and perfect about the show. Showrunners get replaced, its not completely uncommon. But, take a read at Dan Harmon's tumblr, blog page and read his thoughts. Not only are they funny, but eye opening as well. Suits run our entertainment. Damn the suits, Save the Empire.

A few hours ago, I landed in Los Angeles, turned on my phone, and confirmed what you already know.  Sony Pictures Television is replacing me as showrunner on Community, with two seasoned fellows that I’m sure are quite nice - actually, I have it on good authority they’re quite nice, because they once created a show and cast my good friend Jeff Davis on it, so how bad can they be.
Why’d Sony want me gone?  I can’t answer that because I’ve been in as much contact with them as you have.  They literally haven’t called me since the season four pickup, so their reasons for replacing me are clearly none of my business.  Community is their property, I only own ten percent of it, and I kind of don’t want to hear what their complaints are because I’m sure it would hurt my feelings even more now that I’d be listening for free.
I do want to correct a couple points of spin, now that I’m free to do so:
The important one is this quote from Bob Greenblatt in which he says he’s sure I’m going to be involved somehow, something like that.  That’s a misquote.  I think he meant to say he’s sure cookies are yummy, because he’s never called me once in the entire duration of his employment at NBC.  He didn’t call me to say he was starting to work there, he didn’t call me to say I was no longer working there and he definitely didn’t call to ask if I was going to be involved.  I’m not saying it’s wrong for him to have bigger fish to fry, I’m just saying, NBC is not a credible source of All News Dan Harmon.
You may have read that I am technically “signed on,” by default, to be an executive consulting something or other - which is a relatively standard protective clause for a creator in my position.  Guys like me can’t actually just be shot and left in a ditch by Skynet, we’re still allowed to have a title on the things we create and “help out,” like, I guess sharpening pencils and stuff.
However, if I actually chose to go to the office, I wouldn’t have any power there.  Nobody would have to do anything I said, ever.  I would be “offering” thoughts on other people’s scripts, not allowed to rewrite them, not allowed to ask anyone else to rewrite them, not allowed to say whether a single joke was funny or go near the edit bay, etc.  It’s….not really the way the previous episodes got done.  I was what you might call a….hands on producer.  Are my….periods giving this enough….pointedness?  I’m not saying you can’t make a good version of Community without me, but I am definitely saying that you can’t make my version of it unless I have the option of saying “it has to be like this or I quit” roughly 8 times a day.
The same contract also gives me the same salary and title if I spend all day masturbating and playing Prototype 2.  And before you ask yourself what you would do in my situation: buy Prototype 2.  It’s fucking great.
Because Prototype 2 is great, and because nobody called me, and then started hiring people to run the show, I had my assistant start packing up my office days ago.  I’m sorry.  I’m not saying seasons 1, 2 and 3 were my definition of perfect television, I’m just saying that whatever they’re going to do for season 4, they’re aiming to do without my help.  So do not believe anyone that tells you on Monday that I quit or diminished my role so I could spend more time with my loved ones, or that I negotiated and we couldn’t come to an agreement, etc.  It couldn’t be less true because, just to make this clear, literally nobody called me.  Also don’t believe anyone that says I have sex with animals.  And if there’s a photo of me doing it with an animal - I’m not saying one exists, I’m just saying, if one surfaces - it’s a fake.  Look at the shadow.  Why would it be in front of the giraffe if the sun is behind the jeep?
Where was I?  Oh yeah.  I’m not running Community for season 4.  They replaced me.  Them’s the facts.
When I was a kid, sometimes I’d run home to Mommy with a bloody nose and say, “Mom, my friends beat me up,” and my Mom would say “well then they’re not worth having as friends, are they?”  At the time, I figured she was just trying to put a postive spin on having birthed an unpopular pussy.  But this is, after all, the same lady that bought me my first typewriter.  Then later, a Commodore 64.  And later, a 300 baud modem for it.  Through which I met new friends that did like me much, much more.
I’m 39, now.  The friends my Mom warned me about are bigger now, and older, bloodying my nose with old world numbers, and old world tactics, like, oh, I don’t know, sending out press releases to TV Guide at 7pm on a Friday.
But my Commodore 64 is mobile now, like yours, and the modems are invisible, and the internet is the air all around us.  And the good friends, the real friends, are finding each other, and connecting with each other, and my Mom is turning out to be more right than ever.
Ah, shit, I still haven’t called my fucking Mom.
Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.  I got fired.
Yes, Mom.  AGAIN.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pause the TV; Jack the Ripper might have been a Woman?!!!??!!

I have an obsession with serial killers and I have always been a bit disappointed by women in the role of killer. Maybe it's a feminist thing, I don't know. Women are filled with such passion and drive (and crazy hormones) that continuously put man to shame. So it always perplexed me that in history a woman hadn't viciously killed like a man on the serial level.
Well, well, well, new theories have come out and I'm stunned with a strange happiness. 
A researcher has stated that Jack the Ripper may indeed have been a woman.
Read this:

According to fifty-year ripperologist John Morris, all signs point to Lizzie Williams!
In his new book, Hand Of A Woman, John discusses the theory that's shocking historians everywhere.
According to him:
It is a controversial theory to say that a woman is the murderer, but these were crimes of jealously, envy and passion and all very female-oriented. The most stunning thing is there is no evidence that the killer was a man.
[When police found burned clothing in one of the victim's] it was always considered that they were hers, but it seems to be they were the killer’s clothes and she burned them and then took Mary's clothes to escape. One of the anomalies of the case is that a witness saw a woman in Mary's clothes afterwards and thought that it was her and investigators could never explain that.
Royal gynecologist Sir John Williams is believed to have been having an affair with the last victim (Mary) and it was alleged that he killed her. My father had a gift for seeing the obvious and he realized that it was William's wife, Lizzie, that had the motive. We decided to open an investigation to look into it and everything kept pointing back to Lizzie.
[Many wonder whether a woman could physically be capable of such crimes, but] between 1888 and Feb 2012 there have been 30 Ripper-type attacks – women who had their throats slit, stomachs cut open and wombs cut out – 29 have been caught and they were all women. This type of attack is a woman-only crime. It’s maternal instincts gone amok, according to psychologists, and in fact, the Ripper coroner, Wynne Baxter, said the uterus was the organ the murderer was determined to possess.
It is a shoe that doesn’t really fit. Lizzie Williams is the only one who ticks all the boxes.
Wow. I am very anxious to read this book. And to re-write my woman serial killer script. It may be the time in which Women Serial Killers reign supreme, at least in TV and movie ;) I best jump on a ship before it passes. 
Anyone know anyone who wants to produce a woman serial killer script? I've got one :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ABC's Nashville. Oh yeah. I'm excited. More Upfronts trailers

It's certainly my time for TV. Why? Because there's so much singing. I'd like for us all to sing, all the time. I bet we'd just be a happier human race. 
Even if a show isn't spectacular, if it has singing, I'm in. No questions asked. I stay true to Smash and Glee. I watch The Voice. (I fell flat with American Idol.) I watch X Factor. I watch LA Complex, because sometimes, someone sings. So, it is no surprise that I'm totally excited about ABC's upcoming show Nashville. It's like a TV version of the movie Country Strong (which wasn't a great movie, but I loved the singing.) Fortunately, the TV show looks better than that movie.

Check out the upfronts trailer:

Another ABC show I'm excited about is How to Live with your Parents for the rest of your Life. Starring Elizabeth Perkins in a role destined to make me laugh every week. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upfronts deliver trailers galore. Oh happy Tuesday.

The TV Upfronts are upon us. Shows are cancelled (Ringer!!!!), shows are renewed (Community!! Revenge!!), and new shows abound. 
Oh, and Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are officially X-Factor judges. 
I've grazed across a few trailers for new shows, and I have to say, I got a little excited. 
No need to talk about it. Just watch some trailers :) 
This week will be all TV trailers all the time. Prepare.

and because I love Justin Kirk and animals:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's my birthday. Here's my plan. Oh yeah, you'll be jealous.

Today is my Birthday. I love birthdays. It's a real excuse for being selfish. And celebrating. And having fun. I LOVE birthdays. I don't care the age. I believe everyone should be rocking out on their bday, be it 5 or 85. Today's plan?
Well, Rob and I both have an early filming day tomorrow (7am) so I don't want to stay out late, sooooo....
10:30am Avengers. (So f******* excited)
1:30 pm Espresso Martinis (the absolute best drink to touch my lips)
3:30 pm Hitting the slot machines. (Ghostbusters here I come!)
asleep by 11 pm. 
Sounds like a perfect day! And I get to do it all with my husband.
Take a look at the picture to see what he got me for this special day.
It's a cornucopia of happy things.

Let's review:
5 hr energy for my week long work trip in West Texas
Peanut Butter, cause I won't buy peanut butter anymore cause I just eat it. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It's a real treat to have it in the house.
Dove chocolate. no words needed
Scratch offs, (we won :)
A necklace and ring!
AND gambling money!!!
 I feel like the luckiest girl alive. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alanis finally finds her way back to me. All the details here :)

I recently read that the world would be getting a new Alanis album in June, but I was wrong. That's okay though, cause it's officially announced that her album will hit stores on August 28 2012. 
Seems so far away, but then I remember I will have Fiona to keep me company.
Alanis will release the first single on May 15, called Guardian
The album is titled Havoc and Bright Lights.   (I'm diggin' this title)

Here's a quote from Alanis,
   "This record, as always, is a snapshot of what I currently obsess  about, care about, and what strikes  me at 4 in the morning in my most introspective moments. It is my emotional, psychological, social and philosophical commentary through song."

Here's the track listing!!!
Woman Down
'Til You
Win and Win
Edge of Evolution

Color me excited and shake me a martini!  
I think I'll spend the next few days revisiting Alanis, you all should do the same :)
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