Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you seen this Amazing band???!!!!

I'm so happy to say that Super Water Sympathy has extended their tour to the West Coast!!!
Yes all West Coasters, your time has come! 
Or will be coming, check out their tour dates HERE! 
And for you mid-westerners, the tour includes you. 
Remember, this is just prep for this summer's VansWarpedTour

And for entertainment, you should watch their music video. Then email a friend and have them watch the video. 
Trust, the world will be a better place with a little Super Water Sympathy love.
Watch video below, or go to YouTube and watch it big!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Horror Comedy That Sings!

Once upon a time, Rob and I got it into our heads that we should make a musical. We were not musical majors in school. We didn't play any instruments. We knew we could make a short film and I knew I LOVED musicals. 
So we did it. Successfully in my oh so humbled opinion.
And I'm happy to finally present the short in it's entirety to the world wide web. 
Yep. Click the link and go watch for some funny, horror, singing, laughs. :)

Table Manners: The Horror Comedy That Sings! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been away. I'm back with Observations

My updates have been sparse. Please forgive. Work has had me all over the place and it seems I've spent more time in an airport than with anything else. With that, today's post will venture away from my general commentary on TV, movies, etc.
Today I spread poetry. WAIT!!!1 Don't stop reading now. This is my first attempt at spreading any of my poetry. If you hate it, say so. If you love it, say so. I can't please you, My Readers, if I don't get feedback. so......
Just read and creep into a small portion of my airport trips.


Friday, February 17, 2012

THIS is amazing

Super Water Sympathy's new music video is featured on

Go check it out NOW!!! It's an awesome write up about the band and a small nod to the awesomeness of the music video (*blush*). 
I'm proud and so happy for the band!!!!
They are going to rock out the Vans Warped Tour like no other!!!

Again, go check it out!!! So I can stop using exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

Also, watch the music video again. 
And pass it along to all your friends.
SWS's album is addictively amazing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reason #1,398 my husband is better than (fill in blank).

Today I get to spend a lovely day with my husband as we celebrate love... We has it and we are spreading it. (Oh Gosh, we're so gooey!)

To my point: Reason #1,398 my husband is better than (fill in blank).

For Valentines he bought me SHOES!!!!
What?!!! Yes, ladies, let the jealousy start. I have an awesome husband that I love so hard AND he buys me shoes.
I'm living the life y'all. LIVING the LIFE!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Here! I'm Excited. I'm Proud.

I was lucky enough to be part of Bledska Works and direct a music video for the band Super Water Sympathy. The song is titled "Slade was Made." And it is a sexy amazing song.
The video is now live and ready to view.
Everyone reading this blog should watch it and then pass the link forward to 10 other people. This band is amazing and needs the love. Send it around. Plus, you know, I'm not bashful, I directed it and it's awesome!!!!


"You know who's on my side (points upward) Jesus." American Idol can't say the same.

Last night I accidentally watched American Idol and my ears enjoyed it. So tonight, I settled in on the couch with my Mom and sister and a cocktail and I prepare for Hollywood Week day 2 and you know what I got??? Diddley Motherfucking Nothing. That's what. 
Was there Singing on American Idol. No. 
Was there stupid drama? Yes. Over and Over again. 
One whole hour and I managed to hear approximately 13 seconds of singing. I feel like I need a refund. Or an apology. I got slighted. 
American Idol is like that 8th grade boyfriend who kissed so well, but not often enough, and actually spent most his time ignoring you. So unsatisfying and yet unable to abandon. Damn you American Idol. Eventually we will all Damn that show just like we did that 8th grade boyfriend and make the decision to grow up and on.
Some day, American Idol, we will all grow up and forget about your fluff.
Prepare Fox. The wrath will come.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Accidental American Idol Viewing

Last night I was sitting with my sister and my mom and a sleeping baby (technically, the baby was in her crib in the other room) and I accidentally sat through American Idol.

I think I had long given up on this show for several reasons, the first being Simon. I miss his glibness and his chest hair. 
Secondly, there isn't enough singing and way too much f***ing fluff. I tend to just be annoyed.
But there I sat on my sister's couch overly involved in my cell phone and computer and my ears overheard some pretty good singing. Luckily, it was Hollywood Week, so there was a little more singing than usual. 
In a round about way, I was like a judge on the Voice: I listened, but never looked up to see what pretty or ugly face was singing to me. And I'll be damned, but I'll probably tune in to part 2 of Hollywood week and once again not look at what's happening, I'll only listen. (Maybe I'll occasionally glance at the TV to see again how beautiful Jennifer Lopez, then I'll curse out of jealously and stop watching again.)
Point of my Blog Post?
Sometimes listening IS better than watching.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Amazing, the almighty, wondrous kitty BUFFY!

Buffy IS the best cat ever. She made a cat hater (me) fall in love with cats. But, none are as wondrously perfect as Buffy.
example below :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The longest, drunkest, best review of War Horse ever....

I don't have eloquent words enough to prepare you for the fabulous ramblings that review War HorseI will only say that the video you see is clip number 6. There are spoilers. If you are dying to see this movie don't watch the drunken review. If, like me, you never want to see the movie, then watch the video below....and laugh....and drink....and laugh some more. And thanks to my best friend for participating in the drunken review. And by participating, I mean being the reason for my post. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drunken ramblings after running on asphalt

So today I RAN/Jogged a Whole Mile Outside on Asphalt/Concrete. 
I call this the day without reproach. Why? Cause it's been a decade plus since I ran a mile outside. So, slight happiness explodes. You may ask, why am I subjecting my poor, deprived body to such a strange breathless activity? Obvious reasons of course, like "fitness", and "weight loss", and cause my BFF runs like 10 plus miles almost everyday and it drives me crazy that she is a year older and her legs are far better than mine, but most importantly, I'm running for the Zombie Run.
Yep, I'm so "training" for the 5K Zombie Run in Austin which transpires in December of 2012. You may randomly hear throughout this coming year about my awful running endeavors. Prepare. I may bitch like crazy about how much everything hurts and how boring running actually is. I'll somewhat apologize now for that, cause it won't happen later. Later, I'll be like a crazy running fool that might actually like the running part..........or not. stay tuned my readers...stay tuned.

Friday, February 3, 2012

IT'S HERE!!!! Madonna Reigns!!!

It's here good folks and worth the wait. 
Madonna brings it once again looking as beautiful as ever. 
The Superbowl is gonna rock my world. (not cause of football, cause of Ms. M).

watch it people and for all you mobile users that can't view the video's a link.........Click

madonna sure can tease. I'm missed you o mighty one

Last night during the forgotten American Idol, Madonna teased the world with a 30 second clip of her upcoming video. Which will premiere tonight on her you tube channel. But for those of you like me, needing the tease, watch below. Oh no, wait. Madonna's crafty and has taken away all preview clips!! Damn you Womann!!!!
Ahh well, guess we all have to wait till tonight. Till then mon Amour! 
I will say, what I saw was Madonna in all her Glory. I'm elated. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome Back Ringer

Ringer has been on hiatus, but returned Tuesday night with a Bang.
After the mid season finale left me a bit angry and bored, I was almost anxious for its return. 
And now, I'm just damn glad. Ringer delivered a grand return and sucked me back into the strange Bridget/Sibohon world. Thank Goodness. Cause I want Sarah Michelle in my living room every week. (not literally, but through my TV). 

Other Notes:
One tree hill. I've been open about my strange love for the wickedly awful show. The final season has started and save for the first 5 minute opening of episode 1, I'm feeling a bit, uh, BORED. 
The drama feels forced, the actors seem tired, the story lines are recycled. And Marvin is fat? Like I care. 
There are only 13 episodes to this series finale and I will say the first 3 have been mostly disposable. 
Maybe I'm just angry because Revenge hasn't been on in two weeks.
Maybe I've grown past One Tree Hill.....wait no, that's not it cause in two years I'm so gonna watch seasons 3 & 4 again just to watch Peyton and Brooke battle it out. Oh, the good ole days.
The show just hasn't been the same since Peyton left. 
Thus concludes my whining.
till later my loyal readers when I talk music. 
Tease: Snow Patrol and Ani Difranco fill my ipod!!!
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