Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion needs. Wanna donate? Lol. But really, I'm serious.

I want these boots sooooo bad. I love the touch of color mixed with dark grey. I could wear these boots all year.
Find them here! 

This Paris sweater is just too cute and looks damn comfortable. 
I want.
Find it here! 

This hooded cape is to die for. Comfy, fashionable and goes great with boots.
          Get it Here!
                                                               I love sweater dresses and wish                                    hey were always in style Get it HERE

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's the surprises, the small happenings that bring the light of happiness: aka Rachael Yamagata has new songs!

It's always the best when something wonderful happens out of the blue. There's no waiting, anticipating. You just wake one morning and BAM, Rachael Yamagata blesses you with a 6 song EP called Heavyweight.
A beautiful day for new music.
Review to come soon. Till then go buy her music either on iTunes or at her website :)
Below is the audio for the title track. Enjoy.


Morning Music Videos: For that Hump day

I didn't know Trent Reznor had a new project with Atticus Ross and a beautiful woman. Did you? 

Well this new venture is called How to Destroy Angels. The following video from them is called Ice Age. I'm digging this folksiness and I'm in love with the vocals. Check it out below or go HERE and check out the video and their homepage. 

Second discovery of the day is a sister band called HAIM. Talented girls rocking out new wave style. I got excited listening/watching them. We don't have enough legitimate women rockers with a flare for the 80's. Check out their video for Don't Save Me. Watch below or click HERE for big version

Lastly, I have to include ft. Britney Spears song Scream & Shout. It's a good club song. Also, Britney is channeling Madonna's British accent and it makes me happy for some reason. Not everything is explainable. The video is just fine. I bet this song makes it onto a lot of workout playlists. Watch below or Click HERE 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paloma Faith Video: Just Be. A song for the romantics

I've become a HUGE fan of Paloma Faith and her album Fall to Grace. She's my new Adele; soulful, poignant, beautiful, English. It's generally what I crave. 
Well I'm so happy to announce that Paloma has released the video to my favorite song on the album called Just Be.
Just Be is a modern take on being in love, mixing the downs with the ups and coming out on top. I love the song because it highlights the flaws in love and relationships, and yet still keeps you high on the love. Isn't true love about endurance and patience and together growth? 


Commercial for my dear husband :)

The following commercial is for my husband's favorite game. He loves playing this, and with this commercial, can you blame him?

Click Here to Watch Big  or watch below:)

The travesty that is Lidsay Lohan's Liz: The Why Not Mindy Review

Yes, I watched it. I couldn't help myself. I was drawn to the inevitable train wreck that is always attached to Lohan. This made for TV movie was helmed as Lindsay Lohan's 'big return', even though she's not known as a TV actress. That was the first problem. Why not just embrace, "Motion Picture Studio's don't want her. She's virtually unemployable because of insurance. Maybe TV?" Here's the funniest, Lohan didn't receive a check until after production had wrapped, per her instructions. That was her way of showing producers, head honcho men that she was BORN to play Elizabeth Taylor; and that she'd stick around long enough to shoot all her scenes. For that, I say, bravo. Way to make it through your job.
The movie, Liz & Dick, was terrible. Not just because we have Lindsay Lohan playing the iconic Taylor, but also because the script was horrid. Down right embarrassing. There wasn't a bit of nuance throughout the insufferable 90 minutes. Lohan tried to deilver an accent that only sounded like herself with too many cigarettes and a mock play at Madonna's British accent. Lohan never had that untouchable beauty that Liz had, she only had that Lindsay face. The wardrobe was remarkable, but the aging making was lacking. You can not put a wig on a 26 yr old actress and call her old, you need proper make up. Silly. 
What is over all the saddest for me is the story of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor sounds remarkable. A story that should have been saved for capable writers, directors, and actors. Their love story is not like any fairy tale, but it is romantic, and certainly a story that should be told. I'm sorry it got told through Lohan and Lifetime.
Next time perhaps. Because in Hollywood, there's always a next time. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fiona has a new song and it. is. EPIC.

Fiona has written and recorded a new song for the upcoming movie This is 40.
With lyrics like: You don’t kiss when you kiss, you don’t fuck when you fuck
There is nothing better than getting a new Fiona song out of the blue. Oh happy weekend.

You,You don’t kiss when you kiss,
You don’t f*ck when you f*ck
You don’t say what you mean, you don’t talk not enough

Read more:
You,You don’t kiss when you kiss,
You don’t f*ck when you f*ck
You don’t say what you mean, you don’t talk not enough

Read more:
You,You don’t kiss when you kiss,
You don’t f*ck when you f*ck
You don’t say what you mean, you don’t talk not enough

Read more:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Music Videos: 3

This fine weekend deserves a little kick back music video watching fun. I got three for ya. 
The first and my favorite for the week, mostly because the song is a sexy mix of a bluesy, pop powerhouse vocals and 90's production is South African songstress  Nikki Williams' Kill, Fuck, Marry You. The title alone should be intriguing enough
Next, we have The Weekend's Wicked Games. This sexy slow jam has been on my favorite playlist for about a year. I was very happy to see a video release. The video is smooth and simple. And sexy. Mmmm.
Makes me wanna slow dance. I recommend The Weekend's House of balloons (Official Mixtape)as a nice kicked back R&B album. More Music coming from The Weekend super soon. :)
The last video comes from British ginger Ed Sheeran. The song "Give me Love" is nice and fine and I'll love it for now. I took a real liking to the video. I love story telling through music videos, and this story is neat. I smiled.
Happy weekend. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Horror Story, I am now on board.

I've been hard on American Horror Story Asylum. I freely admit it. I had my head set that this "season" should connect with "season 1." 
Perhaps if I had started Asylum with an open mind, my disappointment wouldn't have been so high. 
Something happen last night during the latest episode, I found myself enjoying the show. AND, I almost got scared. 
American Horror Story has been renewed for a third "season." I keep using quotes on the word season because I'm still unsure how this show fits into the norm of serialized shows. 
There I go again trying to box up this show into something tidy. It just isn't. It's doing something new and I accept that now. After letting go of my preconceived notions of HOW I thought the show should run its course, I realized I was on the wrong course. 
Week to week I've bitched about the show, but I sure was filled with anticipation for each episode. 
Maybe it was last nights episode that turned me upside down, spanked my bottom, and yelled "This is the track, get on or get gone."
So, I'm on. Full out on board. 
As far as Season 3 is concerned, Jessica Lange has already committed. No other words just yet on the other actors. I'm curious to where and when the next installment takes place. 
I said before that Ryan Murphy is excellent at Season 1s. That's what he's doing, is it not? I think he found the way to be awesome at the same show every year; keep the title, the theme, but change the story. Sophomore slump avoided. Bravo Ryan. Bravo.

Opened shop, EVERYONE should check it

So Bledska Works has opened shop on We are selling toy prints on metal.
No need to say more. You should just check it out. And buy some :)

It's kick ass and gets my approval. Indeed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reviews: Lotus tastes like Pepsi Cola if history could set you free.

Lotus - Christina Aguilera
Electra Heart - Marina & The Diamonds
Born to Die (Paradise Edition) - Lana Del Rey

What do these three women's album have in common? Sex & empowerment.
Two great words for me. 
Let's start with Lotus. Christina has been overtly sexual since, well, Genie in a Bottle. Over time she's lost the subtly and gone straight for the sex punch line. 
"It’s true what you heard, I am a freak, I’m disturbed / So come on and give me your worst / We’re moving faster than slow, / If you don’t know where to go, / I’ll finish off on my own"
There is no hiding what she's singing about. But the good thing about Lotus is, it isn't all about sex. The album has an emotional range from "let's turn down the hate" to "spin around in circles on my middle finger" to "In my own way, regret choices I've made/ How do I say I'm sorry? to "For every time you broke me/There's a thousand faces of me.......Now you're gonna face an army/Army of me." I like Lotus. It's a decent body of work. 
Songs I recommend:  
Red Hot Kinda Love - it's funky beats are refreshing.
Blank Page - a confessional ballad
Overall I give the album **1/2. She's still hasn't topped her album Back to Basics.

Electra Heart - Marina & The Diamonds
With such a unique voice, it's hard to dislike any syllable that comes out of her mouth.(she is Welsh, so, cool dialect) Plus, her lyrics are cheeky, sexual, and devious. And these are a few of my favorite things!
The opening song Bubblegum Bitch sets the tone for the whole album. 
"I’m miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips/I’m gonna be your bubblegum bitch." Seems vapid? Nope. This song, like the rest of the songs are a commentary on young love, self doubt, sexual empowerment, and the need for fame. 
My favorite song on the album is Sex Yeah. Seems like an obvious, right? The song isn't just about sex as in intercourse, but sex as female or male and how "sex" defines women. It's entirely too clever for the weak mind. Lyrics:
If history could set you free (from who you were supposed to be) / If sex in our society (didn't tell a girl who she would be) / 'Cause all my life I've tried to fight what history has given me
Another must listens: Teen Idle, Homewrecker, Hypocrates,.... Ahh hell, just listen to the whole album cause I give it ****. It's on constant repeat.

Born to Die (The Paradise Edition) - Lana Del Rey
So the interweb has been in a frenzy over Lana's song Cola with the opening line of the song she swoons "My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola." Instead of using the album art, I had to use this lovely vintage inspired poster. It makes me laugh. Cola as a song is just okay for me. I think mostly because it is in the shadows of other songs. American is a haunting tale of love. 
Gods & Monsters is a haunting tale about the loss of innocence. In an ode to Walt Whitman, Body Electric sticks in your head with her melancholy voice repeating "I sing the body electric." Seems like it might be annoying, but it isn't. It's once again, haunting. I don't think Lana is for everyone. But I love her voice and her American references and obvious love of the country. There's just something about this chick that makes me wanna ride :) I give the album ***1/2

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The "Mindy wants but can't afford, so donate through Paypal" edition.

I live in the South, so spending money on coats, jackets, warm fuzzy has never been a priority. But the older I get, the more I need those coats, jackets, warm fuzzys. But, gosh darn it, I wanna look fashionable in those things too.
So, here is my want of the day. The price? $176 plus shipping. *sigh* It's good to dream. And it's a pretty coat to look at. 
Anyway, for any gals out there who may be a size 14 or above Asos is the place for you. I mean, if you like a little style with your little curves :)


Question/Thought of Tuesday day: Will you see this?

I have to know: What do you think of the new trailer for The Canyons?  The music makes me happy in that ole time campy movie way. The subject intrigues me. The actress, dear, downward spiraling Lindsay Lohan, the girl that makes me route for her uprising and demand her downfall in the same thought. The actor: a pretty porn star, James Deen. Oh, and Bret Easton Ellis the writer.
Watch the trailer: will you see this in theaters or wait for DVD or even never ever see it?
watch below


European MTV music awards: The ending is coming

I was once under the impression that everything European was more chic, less mainstream, and contained more talent per sq inch than America ever could. Of course, I'm directly referencing music here. But I was sorely disappointed with the European MTV Music Awards. Lose the accents and it may as well been American MTV.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Movie Review : Skyfall right into visual orgasms

The box office doesn't lie (sometimes, it does), the latest edition into the iconic 007 movies is worth the money and time. $87.8 million domestically. Running at 2 1/2 hours, I never once squirmed in my chair. I was totally enthralled in great storytelling. Skyfall takes us

Friday, November 9, 2012

I have no words. No, wait, I have plenty of words about the most appalling "doll" ever!

To start, just watch the video below or CLICK HERE FOR A JUST AS DISTORTED PICTURE

Now my words. I'm almost speechless. I remember being young, a child, and not having that much interest in dolls. I played with Barbie (mostly so my sister would play with me) and Rainbow Bright (she kicked-ass), but I never had a human like doll. I have zero recollection of wanting one and there is no memory that insists my mother wanted me to have one. (Bless you mom. And Bless you dad for probably never allowing it.)
What 7 year old child needs to understand the basics of breastfeeding? Geez, I'm 33 and don't

Question of the Day: This is some serious shit.

Rihanna. She entered the music scene in 2005. By the end of the year she will have released 7 albums. 7 albums in 8 years. Not to mention the numerous featured songs aka Coldplay's Princess of China. She has just released her new video for Diamonds. One listen through and I can't get "Shine bright like a diamond" out of my head. Not cause it's brilliantly catchy, it's the way she says it, like a cracked out Minnie Mouse that's actually 40 and has smoked too many cigs. 
I've had a love

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's compare, shall we? X Factor vs The Voice and Who sings Katy Perry better than Katy Perry

I've finally got caught up on the extravaganza that is The Voice and X factor. I watched The Voice first, fast forwarded most of it. I watched X Factor next and didn't fast forward much at all. That alone should tell me which show I'm enjoying more. But I won't let my trigger happy fast forward finger do the talking, I'll let the singing make my decisions, and maybe yours too.
On The Voice a contestant

Christina vs. Christina, Jimmy, & The Roots

Christina Aguilera 1st single from her upcoming album Lotus (hits itunes on Nov.13th) is called Your Body. It's a decent song, a fun video, everything you'd expect from Xtina. No real surprises. 
But then I saw Xtina, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots perform the song using only office supplies. Spectacular. It also reminds us how great her voice really is and how talented real musicians are (The Roots).

So watch it HERE ALL BIG AND PRETTY.  Or watch it below.

Then if you're so inclined to watch the orginial video put out by Xtina then CLICK HERE FOR BIG AND PRETTY VERSION  or watch it small below :)

Bonus of being sick.

Being sick sucks. We all know that. But I'm not going to harbor on that, instead, I'm gonna write about all the good that came from being sick all week (thus far).

1. God Bless Netflix. Because of Netflix I was able to discover a new show that I'm totally addicted to: Scandal. Even the name envokes a bit of happiness while on the couch coughing and sneezing. The first season is just merely 7 episodes. Needless to say, I watched them all in one day. Bonus of being sick.

2. The next day, I was able to catch up on Season 2 of Scandal, all 4 episodes. Now I'm current and cannot wait for the next episode. Bonus of being sick.

3. I get to eat ice cream guilt free. Cause when your throat feels like broken glass, ice cream is always acceptable and no pounds are gained. Bonus of being sick.

4. While sick and bored, you have all the time in the world to scour the internet. Things I've learned: LA passed a bill that now requires the porn industry to use condoms during filming. Sounds logical? Not so much, b/c in San Fernando Valley they already are extremely safe with regular testing, etc. And with condoms involved, consumers are less likely to purchase that porn. Cause, let's face it, consumers don't want to see latex, they have their own lives to see that. Porn is fantasy. Condoms are reality. I have a hunch the major Porn industry will find another state to film. Louisiana has great tax incentives. I laugh even as I type that. Could you imagine the bible thumpers if the porn industry came to Louisiana? Lol. I thought about all that. Bonus of being sick.

5. My puppy and kitty snuggled me daily, for hours. They tried to make me feel better. Bonus of being sick.

6. I was able to give American Horror Story the 4 episode test. Bonus of being sick? I don't know. I've made my thoughts on this second season very apparent. Those thoughts mostly consisted of dislike boardering on hatred. Then came along Anne Frank. It's so ridiculous I don't know how to feel anymore. I will say, episode 4 was better than it's 3 predecessors. And because I'm a TV junkie, I'll keep watching, waiting for a perfect puzzle to fall into place so I can sit back and say "Wow. THAT was TV history." But I believe I'm just daydreaming. Bonus of being sick.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend movie watching. Theme: Identity crisis.

I had a wonderful weekend filled with cheese balls (yes, round nuggets of cheese deep fried), Karaoke, laughter with friends, jogging (yes, I jogged, pick up your jaw) and two movies. I was living the life! Now, I'm paying for my abundance of fun with some sort of torture happening in my throat and general face area. Ahh, the price we pay, right?
Enough of that, let's talk movies. I try NEVER to give too much on the movies, cause I want you to see the movies, not get the cliff notes.
Perks of Being a Wallflower:
I was very excited to see this movie, mostly cause it was a coming-of-age tale set in the early 90s. Perks was that, but also very shiny with dark undertones. Which is exactly how one could describe the 90s. Emma Watson shines outside of the Harry Potter world and has a very good American accent. I was both pleased and annoyed by the movie and for the same reason. As a misfit in high school I yearned to have a group of misfit friends. That never happened. But in Perks, that's exactly what happens. The lead boy stumbles into high school and into the fun loving arms of a group of self proclaimed "island of misfit toys." Fun is had, hearts are broken, then healed, and our lead finally figures out who he is and why his brain can be so dark. Identity crisis: almost solved! Can't say completely cause he IS still in high school. I give the movie *** for some stand out performances and awesome soundtrack.

Wreck It Ralph: 
Two hours prior to seeing Ralph is when the throat torture started, but I wanted to see this movie so bad that I powered through. And Thank God that I did. Even through the uncomfortable head and inability to swallow, I loved this movie. Our title character has the worst of identity crisis, he wants to be the hero in the game world and not a bad guy. Can't blame the guy. And thus, the story follows Ralph as he jumps from arcade game to arcade game. Every gamer person that sees this movie will have moments of shrill happiness with all the refrencing to game characters. What's best overall about this movie is the story. The story is strong and doesn't waiver. As my husband put it, "it's the video game version of Toy Story." And he is totally right. Toy Story is strong on story and I believe that Wreck it Ralph sits on same shelf. I give the movie ****

Friday, November 2, 2012

An Acoustic night with Ansley and Ryan of Super Water Sympathy

Last night I was privileged enough to catch an acoustic performance from Super Water Sympathy. Let me correct myself, cause it was only two members of the band: Ansley (lead singer) and Ryan (drummer). 
So how does an acoustic set work with a singer and a drummer? Ryan plays guitar. And sings. And writes music (I'll get back to that). Uber talent happening. Oh! And Ansley plays guitar. And sings. And writes. And shakes a mean tambourine. 
First off, I wanna give props to the both of them, because the constant touring has really seasoned/perfected their performing skills. They radiated a smooth confidence. And Ansley's voice is BETTER than a year ago. I didn't know it could get better, but it sure did. Her voice was flawless. 
The set was early Christmas for me. They played songs from their first album: Spain, Cherokee, You Us Hey, Fiji Bop.  Here's Cherokee below Or CLICK HERE FOR BIG VIEWING.

They also performed a few covers: Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason, Jewel's Hands, Dixie Chicks' Traveling Solider, Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson, and Journey's Don't Stop Believing.
Here is Ansley playing guitar and giving me one more reason to love her. (if you didn't get it, below is Ansley covering Tracy Chapman. Watch below Or CLICK HERE FOR BIG VIEWING.
A clever and fun part of the show consisted of "Battle of the Emos." Translated means, Ryan and Ansley performed songs they wrote back in high school. It was fun to glimpse into their tortured teenage souls. Watch below or CLICK HERE FOR BIG VIEWING

Finally, they performed a few songs from the upcoming album. I'm scratching my eyes out waiting to get my hands on that album!! The already crowd favorite Purple Poppies was even better acoustically. I'm mad at myself for not getting that on video. Uh Oh, their current single, was fab. But, it was the song Magnolia Parade that gave me chills. I need that song. Ansley's voice was like milky, bluesy heart break with a side of panache. CLICK HERE FOR BIG VIEWING

To end the show, and to my up most excitement, they performed Anthem. Written by Ryan (told ya I'd get back to his writing skills) the song is it's title. I've heard the studio version and it. is. epic. The song is actually on my repeat daily playlist of songs I'm addicted to. So, yeah, I peed my pants a little when they started the song. Watch below Or CLICK HERE FOR BIG VIEWING

It was an amazing show and I'm sad for those who didn't get out to see it. That was stupid of you. I hope they do another acoustic set in the future. I'll be there. Front row. Smiling like a child with toys. 
Special props to my hubby, Rob Senska, for holding steady and filming these performances with our tiny iphones. He's the awesomest!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little bragging, excitement :)

Super Water Sympathy is featured on as AOL Mp3 Download of the Day!!! Super awesome. 
What's more super awesome for me is that I took the photo of the band and my name appears underneath it. 
Exposure ya'll!!

Check it out HERE!!!!!  And if you don't have their song Uh Oh yet, then by God, get it for free!

Super Water Sympathy rocks!!!!!! Abuz <3

Plus, Ansley (lead singer) and Ryan (drummer) are doing an acoustic show tonight at Chicky Boom Boom @ 9pm! What?!!! Today is happiness day.
Now, if I could only get that email telling me "I'm Sorry For..." short has been accepted to a Festival. Then the day would explode from so much smiling. (fingers crossed peeps)
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