Monday, December 31, 2012

Why Not Mindy's top 10 movies that not enough people saw: 2012 edition

It's the end of the year and every publication from Entertainment Weekly to Hollywood Reporter are rehashing the best movies of 2012. We get it. Lincoln is good, Oscar worthy. Blah blah blah. The "great" movies of 2012 have huge amounts of promotional money which helps the general public become aware of what they are suppose to see. As a struggling artist/filmmaker, I feel for the little guy. The small budget movies or incorrectly marketed movies or 'sat on a studio shelf too long and so not enough people saw' movies all deserve to be seen. I set out to try and watch as many movies in the last two weeks. Yes, I got help from Independent publications that mentioned movies I'd never heard of, and I also spent a stupid amount of time watching trailers. My research was as thorough as I know it can be. There will not be long synopsis' about the movies, or a tedious breakdowns of why they are so good. This my opinion. I want you guys to have your own. Each movie has a link to IMDB. You can find details there or even watch the trailer. That is that.
Here it is:
The Top 10 Movies That Not Enough People Saw: the 2012 Edition!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas day movie: Les Miserables Why Not Mindy Thoughts NO SPOILERS, just thoughts.

Christmas day movie: Les Miserables
Christmas day movie sadness: Russell Crowe as Javert. Whom ever made that casting decision should be banned from all future castings. He did NOT fill that role and his voice was a tiny ant compared to what Javert should sound like. It was a travesty. Javert is a huge part of the movie, so you may know where I tend to lean on the like it or hate it scale.
Christmas day movie happiness: Anne Hathaway as Fantine in her gut-wrenching, one take performance of I Dreamed a Dreamed
Christmas day movie question: Why were the harmonies off? I'm no musical expert, but the voices didn't mesh. And Amanda Seyfried as Cosette, uh, tone down that vibrato, it's distracting, annoying, and doesn't fit.  

I watched the movie with two people who didn't know the musical. They both enjoyed the movie. In fact, one said they were 'enthralled.' So this is easily a case of 'the book is better', so to speak. 

Cause when I  listened to the Broadway Cast sing One Day More it brings tears to my eyes, but the movie version failed to move me, and I'm prone to crying. Hell, I cried during the excellently edited 6 minute promotional behind the scenes trailer.
I did drop a few tears during one moment: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. And, well, I just always cry at that song, although that was Eddie Redmayne's (Marius) best performance. 
Hugh Jackman does his thing and does it pretty well. But not well enough to make the movie outstanding. 
Anne Hathaway deserves the Golden Globe nomination as well as the Oscar nod. 
That aside, the movie was beautifully lit and the costumes right on. And I loved the homages to the Broadway version. 
My anticipation had been building for 6 to 7 months. Perhaps that's too long to look forward to something. When we build anything up to high, it has no where to go but fall.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bledska @ The Bledsoe's

Very blessed. Very happy. AND a Dorothy Parker shot glass!!?? Yep. AND this post made with my new iPad. I'm totally getting up to date y'all. Watch out world, I'll be blogging from everywhere!

Fool that I am...

Tis the day before Christmas
Heading out, three of us
Breaking all my shopping rules
I can only be called the fool.

(Refer to previous post to get the joke)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best Way to Christmas Shop; the Why Not Mindy Way

These last scrambling days before Christmas are here. As you brave the crazy, searching for that perfect gift or the 'this will do' gift, let me offer some advice to help prevent a breakout crazy episode.
1. Go Alone. It is much easier to zip in and out when alone. And you are forced to make a decision about what to buy.
2. This is the most important! Take your iPod and ear buds. Don't subject yourself to crowd noise or the Holiday music that blasts. You may love the music, but on another level it adds pressure to present buying. Load your iPod with a favorite album or playlist that makes you happy. Then waltz into the crowded mall or chaotic Walmart/Target and let the music play in your ears. It will relax you because there is a musical happening in your world that no one knows about. Feel free to take your time shopping all the while watch the stressed out moms and fumbling fathers and just think "I'm in a musical world. I can not be effected by all the crazy."
Try it. Then you can thank me for your most unstressed Christmas shopping ever.
Happy, merry times.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The world didn't end......Why Not thoughts, edition 1.

The world didn't end, again, meaning Christmas and the New Year still approach. I didn't want the world to end, but I'd sure like to see what happens when it does end. I'd hope for an epic undoing coupled with a quiet serenity throughout the people. An awe. Movie like awe. With clouds turning colors we've never appreciated before, and light rays so wide they would suck up the giant buildings. 
I mean if I have to eventually die, I'd like to go during something awe inspiring, be it the end of the world or a great white shark swallowing me, leaving only my feet behind. Dying grandly seems to justify dying. 
We should all live bigger. Our lives are short in comparison to the grandiose nature of our universe. We are but specks within the mole on humanity's form. I say stop trying to make your life as long as possible, and make every day the day before your epic outing into the sky. Why not, folks? Don't you think you'd be happier? Living for today isn't a new concept. And I'm not saying blow away all your money and piss off all responsibilities. We can still live civil, yet with a smile and secret of true happiness inside because we choose to live big. Be seen. Be heard. And to quote my favorite movie, "Talk Hard."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something new for the New Year :)

Yep, I'll be dropping the part and going straight up starting in 2013!

There will be even more than just my rambling blog! Stay tuned for the opening day.
I'll probably be counting it down here, so until then keep checking back for Holiday rants and missing TV and Oscar contender movies!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tim Burton's best directing in years....

The Killers have been churning out music videos like they really believe the world will end. I'm very alright with this.
I recently featured The Killers video for "I feel it in my Bones" which rocked my wicked little world.
Now, The Killers have released a video for "Here With Me." I love this song. I love the video. Directed by Tim Burton. I think this to be Tim's best directing in years. I feel an ode to the classic movie Harold and Maude in this video featuring Winona Ryder.
Watch, enjoy the story and the song. And for those of you that may have written off The Killers, give their latest album a chance. It's pretty good.


Fiona 2.0 ??!!!

Are ya a lover of Fiona, like me? Well, I might have just found a young, 2.0 version by the name of Sky Ferreira. Why compare her to Fiona?
1. Jon Brion produced her latest EP Ghosts.
2. Jon Brion wrote with her.
3. When she sings, she sounds, looks, feels the weight of too much.
4. Unique voice.
5. I trust everything Jon Brion is involved in. Check out his credits Here.  

Click Here to watch Sky perform Ghost acoustic. On a boat.  

She is mesmerizing. You want to hug her, slap her, and then sit back and watch her sing more.

Here are the lyrics to Ghost.

I'm not irrational
I'm just no longer in the day dream
Of the delusion that
Once was hard between our love it seems
Lately I've been between
Being steady or a head case
What's become of us now
Hanging our hearts in disgrace

What did I do to make you so cruel
I've got this ache inside my heart
I know that it's you
What should I do now that
I know that we're doomed
I loved you most
And now you're a ghost
I walk right through

Oh remember when you said
That I was sick inside the head
I'm just half way there
My common sense hanging by a thread
I'm bad on the outside
But a coward at heart
The taste of salt in my mouth
My voice is silent
But my thoughts are right

[Chorus x2:]
What did I do to make you so cruel
I've got this ache inside my heart
I know that it's you
What should I do now that
I know that we're doomed
I loved you most
And now you're a ghost
I walk right through


Gossip Girl Series summed up in 10 words. No spoilers.

Gossip Girl is over. No more "Hey Upper East Siders" ringing through my ears. 
I am sad to see it go. The show brought a lot of laughs and of course, Blair Waldorf, who still ranks as one of my favorite TV characters. The series finale was good. The show hit the right notes and made just enough fun of itself to be self aware. I applaud that. I, however, do not applaud a touted "2 hour finale" only to be duped by a 1 hour retrospective. Boo CW. Shame on you for getting me all excited and then delivering only an hour. That's the worst kind of tease.
All in all, here is my 10 word summation of the series Gossip Girl:
"That was a lot of work just for a girl." - mindy bledsoe
You guys can quote me on that.
I do look forward to the complete series to be released in a shiny bright box and re watching the whole thing with the knowledge of the real Gossip Girl. 
I wonder if the books have the same Gossip Girl as the TV show? And I wonder what new TV show will be my Gossip Girl replacement.
Ah well, au revoir Upper East Side. I know I love you. XOXO


Monday, December 17, 2012

Dexter, Homeland, Gossip Girl...Oh My! (No spoilers Here)

Dexter's finale ended with a literal bang last night and I think most of us had our jaws hanging open. 
In what could possibly become a huge twist in the Dexter-universe, has my mind on overtime, trying to get inside of the writer's minds for what will be next. September is so far away. I hope Showtime's spring shows are as satisfying as Dexter has been.
Due to a series of unfortunate events, I haven't watched Homeland's finale yet. I will at some point today, but meanwhile, I will avoid the internet and any accidental spoilers. Yes, I said I will avoid accidental spoilers. I refuse to let a slippery mouth spill the deets on what will happen in the terrorist world/love triangle that Homeland is.

Also, tonight is Gossip Girl's 2 hour series finale, in which the identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed. I'm sure some of you are wondering how in the hell can I group Gossip Girl into the same post as such prestigious shows as Homeland and Dexter. Well, I say to you, just because I love Filet Mignon doesn't mean I don't frequent Taco Bell.

I have spent a week avoiding teasers, trailers, clips, and actual spoilers to the end of Gossip Girl, that my anticipation has grown just because I had to work so hard to avoid it.
Today will be an epic ending day as I ponder Dexter and Deb, watch Homeland, and then finally know after 6 years, who in the hell is Gossip Girl. I'm still rooting for Kristen Bell (she voices the character) and I do hope she's bitchier than Blair with a hangover after once again being dumped by Chuck. Fingers crossed. You know I love you. XOXO.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Best of Lyrical and Music Videos 2012: Why Not Mindy Style

Growing up and getting a new album on tape the first thing I would do is listen to the album while reading along with the lyrics. My brain wasn't clever enough to pick up on every word without seeing  it. And then somewhere in the mid 90's to the mid 2000's it became "uncool" to include the lyrics with the album. There was this whole transition into digital music and the written word got lost for a bit. Now in days it's easy to find the lyrics to almost any song you want by simply googling it. I thank the universe and all the wonderful geeks who took the time to make my life happier. 
And now we are on a trend of lyric videos before the actual video is released. I am a sucker for these. I couldn't be happier. I watch them all. Even if I don't particularly like the song, there maybe some wonderful lines that occur. I'm in love with this trend. I hope it lasts. Music videos have found their way to last. Thanks again internet.
As the year closes I'd like to give some of my favorite lyrical videos and music videos of 2012.


- Shiny Toy Guns "Somewhere to Hide"

Taylor Swift "We are never getting back together"   This lyric video could have been the music video, it's clever and cute, like her damn song.

Calvin Harris "Drinking from the Bottle"

The Pretty Reckless "Kill Me" 

Ke$ha "Die Young"

There is an art form behind these lyric videos. Just putting the words on the screen won't work anymore. The bar has been raised. I look forward to 2013 to see who makes my eyes happy. Did you have a favorite lyric video that I missed?


I'm a believer that favorite music videos are about opinions and one's own matter of taste. So don't get all up in a hussy if I pick music videos that don't suit your fancy. These are the videos that I played more than 5 times during the year of 2012. 

- Fun. "Some Nights Intro" I could play this every day and be happy. 

- P!nk "Try"  Hands down one of the best videos of the year. 

- Muse "Madness"  *sigh* I love this song

- Kat Graham "Put Your Graffiti on Me"  - The hottest video that not enough people saw.

- Paloma Faith "Just Be" - Beautiful. Romantic. Lovely.

- Fiona Apple "Every Single Night" 

- Lana Del Rey "Ride" - Extended Version - This video is hands down my number one re-watched video. The whole 10 minutes. I love the poetry bookends and the romantic notion of just riding.  

"Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am fucking crazy, but I am free." - Lana

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Golden Globes Nominations are out: Jumbled mess or right on?

I want to start with what I think is the biggest snub: Lily Rabe who plays Sister Mary Eunice in American Horror Story Asylum
Hopefully when the Emmys roll around they will remember her chilling and transformational performance. She haunts me.
Other snub: Tom Hooper for Director of Les Miserables. Granted, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I sure was rooting for him. Oh well.
Otherwise, the nominations are pretty much as expected. No big thrills. I was sad to see Dexter completely locked out. It's been a great season. And poor Jennifer Carpenter who plays Dexter's sister Deb has never ever been nominated for her role. This should have been the year. Watching her teetering the edge this season has been addictive. And how Parks and Recreation DIDN'T get a nomination for best comedy is beyond my comprehension. And it is a pure travesty to mankind that the Globes AND the Emmys refuse to recognize the genius that is Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec.). 
I'm also very saddened by myself. Out of the movies nominated in Drama and Comedy, I've only seen 1. And I watch a lot of movies. Guess, I've been watching the wrong ones. And I guess I've got a lot of watching to do.

Django Unchained

Life of PiLincoln
Zero Dark Thirty


Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Les Miserables
Moonrise Kingdom
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Silver Linings Playbook

Can you guess the film I've seen? You'd be right if you guessed Moonrise Kingdom. I'll always be first in line for a Wes Anderson flick. Too bad he didn't get a director nomination, but hell, neither did Paul Thomas Anderson for his quiet beauty The Master.

Ben Affleck (Argo)
Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty)
Ang Lee (Life of Pi)
Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)
Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained)

I think we all expected to see these names. They've all be nominated before. They make great movies, obviously, b/c it's their movies that are nominated for Best Picture. What can ya say, besides, "A surprise here and there would be nice."
Oh Wait! The best surprise and the real reason I'll be sitting in front of the TV on January 13, 2013 is because Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting. I wouldn't miss that for anything.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Poetry (there's two of them!!)


What you want is to stray from bed
to what may be a couch or ledge
Don't look in any eyes
forget what's shouting behind their lies
push your future further away
focus on what makes you happy today
if it were any other time but now
the look you give me would carry sound
instead it lingers weightless mid-air
with nothing to do but stare
empty space behind wanton eyes
I think you want me to sympathize
how can I when you're not there
and all the signs are shouting beware
the risk I'd take on saving you
would take me barreling down the corkscrew
you have no interest in stepping back
I see your world so filled in black
and all you want is to forget
as you light and drag your last cigarette
laugh and smile and pour your liqueur
even you know, you're your own saboteur
I wish the look you gave me had carried sound
I swear, I swear, I would have stuck around.

Ⓒ mab

Serenity of Tone

The tones surround the ears
there's nothing else left to hear
beat upon the broken drum
all that's left equals a sum
drive into the open shine
find in that your own kind
and when you fall, like we always do
remember no one ever has a clue
trickery is what you'll find
be aware that all is twined
and Lucky You that finds the grace
that falls upon the lover's face
and romance is in the inhale
'tis nothing that is measured on a scale
and in that open tone you'll find identity
which is nothing short of pure serenity.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Pretty Reckless is recklessly pretty to my ears

I'm always waiting, expecting, anticipating new music from The Pretty Reckless. It's a group that you just know that each year, with rising age and wisdom, will come bigger and even better music.
Today they debut the new song "Kill Me." After my first listen I'm immediately transported back to my high school angst ridden years and I couldn't be happier. I've been lacking that hard woman vocal reminiscent of Hole. If you are not familiar with The Pretty Reckless, then get to know them. They are a growing force to be reckoned with. I look forward to the day I get to see them in concert. 
Light Me Up was their first full album and it is still a staple on my ipod. It is a brilliant album. Buy it.
Or Listen to it @ their website! 

Now have a listen to their lastest: Kill Me by clicking here!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas comes and TV shows go

Christmas is approaching which means our beloved TV shows either end or take a hiatus. This makes my heart swell with a sadness that probably isn't rational, but I pay no mind to that cause I love my TV shows and my TV characters. I invite these characters into my heart and home and then poof, they are gone, sleeping in the TV box, waiting for the next season or awaiting their proper burial. Homeland and Dexter each have 1 episode left. Last nights episodes were EPIC to say the least. I can hardly contain my imagination as it wishes and hopes for the last episodes to satisfy my needs well enough to tide me over till next September. 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tonight: Art, music, short films, and yeah, I'm included in that.

Tonight, everyone should come out to "Xmas Under Da Ground at Minicine?" 
There will be art for sale, bands for entertaining your ears, and short films to entertain your eyes. I'm happy to have some metal prints for sale AND a visual poem short showing. There are other awesome artist showing films and selling art like Robert Trudeau, Kevin Deloach, Conchita Iglesia, and Rachel Stuart-Haas. So many others will be part of this extravaganza! Click Here for a full Detailed List!
Best part? It's FREE to get in, unlike other Christmas gatherings.
It will be a great night of experiencing other artists in town, listening to bands that you may have not been exposed to before. AND it's totally casual as in, no need for that expensive dress or tux. Come as you are. Be happy. Be free. Experience the wacky, brilliant underground artists. Drink. Be merry!
Check out the deets Here!
Shout out to Nathan Treme for his awesome flyer creation! Click his name and check out all his work!

Question for those watching : AHS

Warning! Spoilers below. If you are not completely caught up with American Horror Story Asylum, then you may want to stop reading and go watch cartoons.
If you are watching American Horror Story Asylum, then I have one question: what happened after the school kids and teacher nun found the amputated girl climbing the steps?
I'm sorry to miss lead, cause I'm gonna ask more questions.
How can that story line be completely abandoned? We are 3, 4 episodes past that and there has been ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of the 'created monster'. Poor story telling? Or is this juggernaut that brings down the nazi, demon run Briarcliff?
Moving on from the obvious story holes, I will say I loved the crazy Santa, he actually scared me. I say take his story and make a movie. Then, of course, release it on Christmas Day. When was the last time you saw a movie on Christmas about a serial killer dressed as Santa that murders only during the holidays? Sounds like some naughty fun to me.
Last question: I'd love to hear from you guys, is American Horror Story Asylum good scary fun or a tangled piece of story telling that brings in the obvious scary with Demons, Nazis, and aliens?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grammy nominations are out. Good? Bad? Or just eh?

Grammy nominations were announced last night. I'm somewhere between happy and not caring. It's a sad place to be. 
1. Fiona Apple got 1 nomination in the category of Alternative Album. This makes me happy.
2. Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe got nominated for Song of the Year. This makes me feel gross. Just because a song is catchy, gets tons of airplay, and has a following of lip synching videos from cheerleaders does not lend itself to Song of the Year. It's a phase. It will pass. It should not win. 
So there is happiness and grossness, thus equaling my shoulder shrug of nominations. Personally, I've had such a happy year of music. I'm incredibly disappointed that Paloma Faith wasn't nominated. Or Marina and the Diamonds. Or Rachael Yamagata. Or even Linkin Park. Grammy's are really being to feel like a popularity contest. There is so much great music. umph.

Here's a list:
“Lonely Boy” — The Black Keys
“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” — Kelly Clarkson
“We Are Young” — fun. feat. Janelle Monae
“Somebody That I Used To Know” — Gotye feat. Kimbra
“Thinkin About You” — Frank Ocean
“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — Taylor Swift

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kate Hudson can roll her stockings down anytime!

I'm not one for spoilers, like ever, but sometimes there are exceptions. This exception comes in the form of Glee, Kate Hudson, and an all time favorite song of mine, "All That Jazz." When I read that Kate Hudson's character and Lea Michele's character were going to go head to head with that song, I squealed. So what was I to do when I stumbled upon the full clip today? Be a good girl and wait till Thursday night to watch it in context of the storyline or say 'to hell with contextIt's All That Jazz! Hello!' We all can guess what I did. I watched it. Then I watched it again. And again.
Check it out below or don't. It's up to you. If you don't watch Glee then WATCH it. Reason? Kate Hudson. Kate has been the shining light on an otherwise weird transitional season. In fact, I would love a spin off with Rachel Berry, Kurt, and Kate Hudson. Oh that would be joyous.


The Killers' new 'Christmas' video :) "I Feel it in my Bones" and Prince. What a Wednesday!

Christmas music grates my nerves. The older I get, the more stores I frequent, the more I want to take a machine gun and blast away the speakers that keep demanding happy joy joy. So imagine me when I watched the video below. I got a warm fuzzy all over. Thank you Killers for this demented, lovely story telling music video. Bravo. PS. watch till the end. The entire end.
OH! also want to give a special happy note to the beginning of the song that is very reminiscent of Bon Jovi's opening of Livin' on a Prayer. Makes me smile.

AND! Prince has a new song and video that is perfect jam music. Prince can do no wrong and I think he doesn't age. Check out his music video!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday morning musings: The Short Poetry Edition


tilt my head with a reassurance you can’t comprehend.
my eyes will bleed those lies swarming your mouth 

and tempting your tongue.

What really happens in the ladies room
two women in the bathroom so desperate for themselves
check makeup and panty lines hoping
to sleep in a more comfortable bed than their own.

Woe is me

I’m the girl i never was 
crooked in that zig-zag line
My head bumps the wall 
i can’t see straight at all 
and i bring the parts of me i can lift
leave the rest soaking in my pride
i see the way to the ending maze 
i see the way to go
but,can it be i like it? the way i sloth about. 
can it be i like it? the way my arm can always give out. 
                                                          Ⓒ mindy bledsoe

Monday, December 3, 2012

Finding NEW in Zee Avi

I LOVE finding new music! I think I might of stumbled across a gem. Name: Zee Avi : 25-year-old Malaysian singer/songwriter. She has a voice that reminds you of simpler times. Soothing, effortless. She lands in the world where your parents could love her and you (the kid) can still feel okay with loving her too.

Check out her video for Concrete Wall from her album Ghostbird.
If you got a kick out of that, then check out her Website to listen to her entire album! I recommend the song Madness

Monday Morning Blues: No Electricity

This is my first attempt at a new post created from my mobile app. I'm so far behind the curve. Hell, I still have 3Gs! I'm hoping to update this month. Fingers crossed.
As I woke this morning a transformer blew leaving my house dark. Very dark since we only have 1 window. So I trekked myself to Starbucks for coffee and food. Riveting stuff. What is THE worst is that I can't watch Dexter or Homeland or Revenge! It's been my Monday morning tradition all season. Umph. So I suggest you skim this post as fast as possible so you can get to the previous post. It's far more entertaining!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sneaking into TV world 2013. Check out some shows to look forward to!

As 2012 comes to an end I look forward to 2013 TV. Here are some new shows and returning shows to look forward to. *This is just a preliminary list, as the days pass and 2013 gets closer, the list will surely lengthen*

Girls - Season 2 - Showtime - January 13
I was enthralled with season 1 and have high hopes for season 2. Plus, Lena Dunham (creator, writer, actress) is brillant at only 26. Check out the trailer for season 2.

The Following - Fox - January 21 (New Show)
I'm a sucker for anything serial killer. I'll watch it all, good or bad. After watching the trailer for The Following, I'm guessing this show will fall right in the middle. And I'm okay with that. Plus, Kevin Bacon. Watch the trailer :)

Deception - NBC - January 7 (New Show)
I'm not really fawning over this show, but I'm curious. I'll watch the first couple of episodes to see if it has any lasting potential. 

Bates Motel - A&E - Spring Premiere TBA (New Show)
I've VERY excited for this show. It's like a prequel to Psycho, in the sense that Norman is a child and his mommy buys a motel. I'm so in. Watch these quick teasers below.

Cougar Town - Season 4 - TBS - January 8  

Cougar Town fans were excited when TBS swooped in and kept this series alive. Farewell ABC. Cougar Town doesn't need you. Watch the video below to see how the cast announced the network switch and premiere date. Clever. Wonderful. Pour me some wine. 

Community - Season 4 - NBC - February 7  ( In my heart it's October 19. )
NBC screwed this show around so much and for that I'll always have a black whole in my heart reserved for those NBC powers that be. First they fire the show runner and creator Dan Harmon from his own show, then they decide to just not air season 4 in the fall. I guess we are lucky to be getting these upcoming 13 episodes as opposed to none. Community is brilliant and self aware. Now, watch Troy and Abed talk about the strange switch-a-roo of premiere dates.

I hope these 6 shows tease you enough to be excited about 2013. Stay tuned for the more up to date list of new shows and returning shows. Happy week!
Also, check out my Etsy Store for some Christmas shopping!
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