Monday, April 30, 2012

Abundant Mattress: Deep thoughts for the week or the name of my new band.

Let's start the week off with some consumer deep thoughts:
There are approximately 4 mattress stores in the Shreveport area. Shreveport population is around 200,000.

Do you think at least 1 mattress is sold every day?
When was the last time you bought a mattress?
For me it's been 6 or 7 years and the mattress is still great. 
I see the lonely cars on the ridiculously congested car lots and felt for them, until I realized all the mattresses that will never leave the mattress store. 
Maybe 4 mattress stores in such a small population is overkill. Are those 4 businesses surviving? Is there a profit? Do they actually have customers on a daily basis?

All questions to think about the next time you drive past that mattress store. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Canada rules my TV brain!

The LA Complex aired it's first episode Tuesday night. 
Little did I know, the show had already begun airing in Canada, because, hello! it's a Canadian TV show. And God Bless that.
I love my Canadian shows, Degrassi, Instant Star, South of Nowhere, The Best Years. I'm a sucker for their melodramatic soaps that always seem to better my USA guilty pleasures. I'm not totally sure why that is, but it is. Which should give indication on how much I already LOVE The LA Complex. 
Degrassi used to have a slug ad line that said "It goes there." Well that tag line should be applied to The LA Complex, because it goes there!
Because episodes have already aired in the great white north (is that what we call Canada?), I was sneaky enough to watch 3 episodes. 
I'm totally excited about this show and I do hope it lasts. 
If you like some drama and sex and people doing whatever it takes to be famous, then tune in people. This show is for you.
The show reminds me of early Melrose Place days, but better. 
Oh, also, Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity is in the show. And she plays mega queen bitch. Love her.
I'll leave you with the Canadian promo:


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girls, Veep, and LA Complex = fun

Okay, we need to talk about some new TV that's happening.

Let's start with Girls on HBO. It's frank, unnerving, laughable, and unflinchingly smart. Created, directed, written, and starring the adorably annoying Lena Durham (a 25 yr old phenom that gives all women hope to make it in Hollywood.) Girls chronicles 4 girls that are so completely different from Sex and the City that it is refreshing. If you got HBO, check it. It's worth it just to see something new.

Also on HBO, we have a new show called Veep. Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President. Because I'm not as political or smart as I should be, some of the dialogue was lost on me. But, the show was great. I'm looking forward to this show. The banter hits such a perfect pitch that I sometimes wonder if the show was actually directed. It's so perfect. (Yes the show was directed.)
Here's a quote from the show that should sum it all up,

"Honey. What is plastics made of? You piss off plastics, you piss off oil. And you do not want to fuck with those guys cause they fuck in a very unpleasant fashion."

I laughed a lot at this political farce(?) and of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is exceptional as always. 

Now on to my trashy TV.
Premiering tonight on the CW is LA Complex. This show has every criteria to bring Mindy to squeals.
-hot people
-gay sex
-people trying to fulfill their dreams
-movie making
-and the last, a former Degrassi star. Welcome back to my TV Manny (real name Cassie Steele)
Check out the trailer:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiona's new single. You can Listen!

You can buy it tomorrow, but why wait? Listen all day long to Fiona Apple's new single.
CLICK HERE or go to her Facebook HERE

Everyone should know that I will be on my computer all day "working" so I can repeatedly listenIt's a glorious Monday indeed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I don't have words. Just pure happiness. I finally get to see Fiona Apple. AND I get to see her on my two year anniversary WITH my husband. Living the dream. Living the dream.


Friday, April 20, 2012

4 1/2 countdown to Every Single Night

Tuesday marks the release of Fiona's first single from her new album.
The single is called Every Single Night
My skin is pulsating with excitement. 
Here's the cover art and lyrics.
Also take note that I have forced myself to NOT listen to any YouTube live performances of this song. Great things will come to those who are patient. But I do like to tease myself with the lyrics. :)

Every single night I endure the flight
of little whims of white flame
butterflies in my brain
These ideas of mine percolate the mind
trickle down the spines
form the belly swelling to a blaze

That's where the pain comes in
like a second skeleton
trying to fit beneath the skin
I cant fit the feelings in

Every single night's alive
with my brain, brain

What I say to her
Why'd I say it to her
What does she think of me
That I'm not what I ought to be
That I'm what I try not to be
Has got to be somebody else's fault
I can't get caught

If what I am is what I am
'cause I does what I does
Then brother step back 'cause my breast gonna bust open
The rib is the shell and the heart is the yolk
And I just made a meal for us both to choke on

Every single night's a fight
with my brain, brain

I just wanna feel everything
I just wanna feel everything
I just wanna feel everything

So I'm gonna try to be still now
gonna renounce the mill a while
and if we had a double king size bed
we could move in and i'd soon forget

If what I am is what I am
'cause I does what I does
And maybe I'd relax let my breast just bust open
my hearts made of parts of all that's around me
and that's why the devil just cant get around me

Every single night's alright
every single night's a fight
every single fight's alright
with my brain, brain

I just wanna feel everything

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When cute goes wrong

I love my animals. They provide endless entertainment. :)

Wednesday Statement

I am a woman living without a hair dryer. 

Just think about that. 
I had one, but threw it out during our move. It was a terrible dryer and old and I hardly used it. I thought to myself "Self, you'll buy a new, fancy dryer."
So I went to Target on that mission. 
And for 5 minutes I stared at the array of hair dryers. 
Straight hair
Curly hair
No frizz
And frizz
Add Curl
Take away curl
ion (I have no idea what that is)

These are phrases I saw describing these complicated machines. I say complicated, because A. I realized this might be my first time actually buying a hair dryer and B. I really thought they just blew air. I didn't know there was an advanced science.
So I left the store. Empty handed. (not really, I bought other stuff)

But until hair drying decisions can be made simpler, I shall remain a woman living without a hair dryer. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bledska Works

When was the last time you checked out ?
Or watched Tabled Manners: The Horror Comedy That Sings! ?

Maybe today, you should. Just watch all the videos on our website and check out some Photography as well.

And thus concludes my shameless self promotion. :)
 but really, check it
    Bledska's Table Manners

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday night Galas and Birthday Gatherings bring Sunday slunder

 Last night Rob and I had a lovely time at the RFC Backlot Gala.
As seen in the picture to the left.

After that we celebrated Cazes' birthday at the recently opened Chicago bar downtown. The place is awesome. The bartenders were nice, the place looked great AND the patio is bitchin'. 
It wins.
And then we did some Karaoke.
And then it was 3am.

So today (Sunday)I spent my time on the couch. :)

what YOU should be doing

YOU should be at the movie theater watching Cabin in the Woods.
Stop thinking about it and just go.
It's a damn smart horror movie that deserves your 10 bucks.
You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll probably thank me for forcing the issue.
Now, clear your calendar, find 2 free hours and 
Cabin in the Woods!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obvious Question Saturdays

Why is it illegal to leave dog poop in grass, but okay to leave a cigarette butt?

I was walking my dog the other day, annoyed that I had to pick up his shit, when I realized a sporadic litter of cigarette butts. Now, I'm hazy on my education, but I do remember something about poop being biodegradable and actually good for lawn growth. 
Cigarette butts are not.
You know what else isn't good for the earth or lawns or whatever you may stand up for; plastic. 
The plastic I have to use to pick up something biodegradable. 
And if I choose to ignore this inane law by leaving my dog's poop on the ground, I could be fined up to $2,500. 

This world is fucked, guys. We have it all backwards. 
Now, have a lovely weekend. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Marina's Homewrecker video

Marina and the Diamonds has released a handful of acoustic videos in preparation for the May 8th release of Electra HeartI've already mentioned my love for the song Homewrecker. Well this acoustic video version sends me into a dizzy. I love weird, quirky UK girls with voices that could end all war. Go to her website and check out other videos.

TRUST, The B**** in Apt. 23 cause it's funny and will keep bringing laughs

Wednesday night, ABC premiered Don't Trust the B**** in Apt. 23, to great reviews, great ratings, and happy Mindys. 
First, James Van der Beek plays James Van der Beek. There are an appropriate amount of references to Dawson's Creek and enough screen time for Mr. der Beek to make him sexy. (Seriously, Dawson grew up and grew hot). Here's the key, he's just a supporting part. The real kudos go to Krysten Ritter, the Bitch from the title. She's funny, she's obnoxious, she has heart and will eat yours too. 
I have high hopes for this show. My verdict? Tune in people. I suspect each episode will get better.

Other news.
Nurse Jackie is back!!!!! My favorite fucked up addict is back with slightly longer hair and a need for rehab. This season should be interesting. Edie Falco deserves all awards given for this role. She blows my mind every episode. I can't fathom what it takes to portray a role of that subtle magnitude. 

Question of the day:
If I get my dogs balls chopped off, will he bark less? 

Till more randomness occurs (which will be later today, I'm sure)...


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blayne and Brother do it better.

Two week long work trip and then moving into a new place has kept me from fun things, like, TV watching, blogging, movie viewing. But watch out Bitches, I'm back. (I mean bitches as the most sincere sentiment). Also, I'm still reeling from the finale of Pretty Little Liars. If you watch the show, then you know they use the words Bitches a lot. And sometimes, I like to pretend I'm A. Moving on.

First, my new place is awesome. I will be excited to be fully unpacked and party ready. I will post pictures soon.

Second, I was able to catch up on some shows last night. I still have a plethora of viewing, but for now, lets talk....
Good Christian Bitches (GCB). I was utterly disappointed with the latest episode. It was over the top, even for the campy soapy show that it is. The character Crickett is fastly climbing the ladder of most awesome characters. LOVE her.

Smash. I can not express enough times how in love I am with this show. I'm always angry when it ends. STOP ending! Just keep playing their lives all day and then pause for me to sleep. 

Lastly, Glee. Glee has been on its month long hiatus. And it came back in the form of Blayne's brother. Whoa! That boy is hot and can sing. I'd like a miniature version of him on my night stand and I'd click a little switch and a recorded version of Somebody that I used to know would play over and over.
Speaking of that song. I don't listen to the radio or watch MTV or any other music viewing station, so I'm new to this song. However, before hearing Glee's version of the song, I had recently become obsessed with the original. Then Blayne and his brother sang it and, shhhhh, I like their version better. They added a power to the song that doesn't exist in the original. 
For those of you that live in a cave and have never heard the original (my parents) I'm giving you a side by side (or top on top). Compare it yourself. I dare you to tell me I'm wrong. 
First video is Glee. 


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buffy approved.

This weekend is moving weekend. It's the weekend Everyone loves. Moving is such a joy. Everyone should do it at least 20 times in their lives......(I really think I'm at 20)

However, I really am super excited about this move. Plus we took Buffy to the place last night and she LOVED it. The dog, however, shook like a shivering rat at his death bed. He really isn't that bright. But he's cute, so it equals.

Here is the first preview of our new place, Buffy style.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Fiona comes back to me and a tear drops as a I explode with happiness.

"The idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do."

I haven't been this excited for an album release since October 2005 when Fiona's last album Extraordinary Machine  was released. 
I always new the day would come. June 26, 2012. 
Mark your calendars. 
Don't call me that day, for I'll be locked away in a tunnel of merriment, crying, laughing, loving, basking in the eternal glow of wonder. (I'm really attached to my Fiona.) 

Here is the track listing: 
01 Every Single Night
02 Daredevil
03 Valentine
04 Jonathan
05 Left Alone
06 Werewolf
07 Periphery
08 Regret
09 Anything We Want
10 Hot Knife

Plato's Closet can suck it (yes, my verbiage is as dumb as the teenagers working the store)

First, I've never taken to the page (blog, website, newspaper, yelp, etc.) to express my distaste or outrage with a business. I try to always give the benefit of the doubt. 
Today is my exception. 
I've been cleaning out my closet in preparation to move to a sleeker, cooler loft. Yeah, that's a brag.
I had noticed in my "Goodwill" pile that I had some pretty decent clothing I was giving away. 
"Why not try to sell them and make a little extra cash?" I ask myself. 
So I made a new pile called, "What would a 20-something wear." Cause that's Plato's plight. They cater to the teen and twenty something.

So I took in a heavy trash bag of stuff. I was excited, for all of 3 minutes. 

My first distaste came when two teenagers working threw a purse across the store cause there was mud on it. It wasn't that they threw a bag, it was the teenage shrieking. The only people who can stand that shrieking are teenage girls. 

My second distaste came when I realized the girl that was supposed to be going through my bag was standing with the shrieking girls, laughing. 

My frustration grew inside, but I begged myself to stay calm. No need to be angry at dumb Bossier City teenagers. They are teenagers. What do they really know? Besides, my anger never fixed anything.

Eventually, the girl got back to work and went through my whole bag, but she only pulled out 7 items, leaving about 34 other articles in my bag. I was puzzled. But, I stayed calm and continued to watch.
My 7 articles were passed to a new, snottier teenager who was to "process" the pieces and make me an offer. It took her 17 minutes to do so. Why? Because she got distracted by a broken Louis Vuitton wallet. So distracted that she called her boss to ask if she could buy it! Then called her dad to bring her money! All while NOT doing her job. My hands were sweating as I forced Hulk to stay inside.

After her 17 minute distraction (I literally watched my clock) she finally, slowly finished processing. 
"We can accept 7 items and offer you $28.75." She said. Never looking me in the eye.
"Okay." I reply.
She pulls money out of the register, counting like she might actually be dim and hands me the money. 
"Can I have a receipt for what you purchased from me."
She rips a receipt and hands it to me. 

Now, I get to see what they actually bought. Because they don't let you know. Nor, do they tell you why or why not on any piece.
Here's the list of what was bought: 2 pairs of shoes, a brown vest, a black sweater, a dress, a wallet (which is weird, cause I never brought in a wallet. But this "wallet" got me $10 toward my $28. I really believe it is the wallet the girl wanted to purchase. I told you she was dim) and lastly a pair of American Eagle blue jeans. 

Now here's the kicker of it all. Those American Eagle jeans are 8 years old and I wore them almost every day while waiting tables at Chili's while in college. I got rid of them because they still smelled liked Chili's. I never thought they would buy them!

Left in my trash bag were 2 other pair of American Eagle blue jeans, same size, same wearing and a brand NEW pair of blue jeans from Forever 21. The flippant girls, for some reason, were not interested in those. 
Also left in my bag, 2 plaid mini skirts from American Eagle. When did plaid mini skirts go out of style? I know every guy reading this will say "They didn't! We love them!"
And to much of my heart ache, a brand new pair of pink suede T-Strap shoes from a (European website. It rocks) 
The whole process took me 45 minutes and there was only 1 other customer in the store the entire time I was there. 
I will never know the reasons why the children pick what they pick, but I know I will never like it. Nor, will I ever be able to handle such gum-smacking sentences like "OMG. Louis Vuitton! I don't need a wallet, but I need Louis Vuitton." 
And NEVER in a million years will I understand why they buy 8 year old Chili's smelling jeans over NEW Forever 21 jeans. Or why Target brand T-strap shoes are more appealing than pink suede T-strap shoes.
My bottom line. Plato's closet is run by teenagers. I don't much care for rude, shrieking, hair flipping, gum smacking teenage girls. Which means, I will never visit another Plato's Closet again. 
Instead, I will take my clothes to Goodwill, which is where I should have taken them in the first place. Shame on me for trying to make extra money. There is a price for Capitalism.

"Put your Graffiti on me"

I refuse to talk about what I think this song means. I don't really care, cause it makes me move. I only want to focus on, well, the cow bell. I freaking love the use of the cow bell in this song. And of course, Kat Graham rocks it. She is mesmerizing. Girl deserves to be on TV cause I believe she's got that "it" factor. Some of you may recognize her from The Vampire Diaries, which has had a damn good season! I believe this girl will be bigger than The Vampire Diaries. Just wait. Check her video. Also, around the 1:50 mark the song takes a momentary pause away from the dance beat and delivers something oddly wonderful.

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