Sunday, March 25, 2012

So much to see, so little time to write it out

I've been out and about working a lot. I've missed shows and my heart has weeped. A show I haven't missed? SMASH!
Holy shit Batman, could Smash be any better? I don't think so. I'm mesmerized by every character and every song that is sung. Last weeks episode brought a tear to my eye when the Joe DiMaggio character sang his heart breaking song about Marilyn. Wow. Power house singer on TV. 
I'm SO happy to have read that Smash has already been picked up for a season 2. Yay!!! 
I'll be back in the full mix of TV and movie watching in a weeks time. Stay tuned my loyal readers. 
Till then,
you know I love you
(Gossip Girl comes back April 2!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maria Mena new video.....brings out all the happy inside me.

If you read this blog more than once a month than you know my extreme love for Maria Mena. 
I'm super happy to share with you all her new music video.
The song? Viktoria. This song slowly rose to become a favorite of mine. 
"Have you ever heard me laugh so easily? It's cause I'm growing up slowly." 
 Maybe at 32 I shouldn't connect so vitally with that lyric, but I do. Cause I'm slow, but damn steady.  Or this lyric
"Me and my confidence, we're now more than friends, We're growing up slowly."
Maria is a power lyricist.

Also, Viktoria is Maria's middle name.
This song would never make it in America. Too thoughtful, strange pacing, interesting message. And these are the reasons I love it so.
Please enjoy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

GCB. Worth it? Depends on your Christian humor.

There's a part of me that wants to give a long drawn out review on Good Christian Bitches (GCB). But that's mostly boring, right?

Now the other part of me wants you to decide to watch GCB based solely on quotes from the pilot. I think the quotes best represent the show. If you laugh and like a little soap with your laughter, then the show fits you. If a quote angers you, stop reading my blog.

"You Reap what you sow is Texan for Karma."

"God hates failure."

"God often speaks to me through Christian Dior."

"Heather darling, next time your in your office I want you to calculate the percentage of your business that flows directly from my property holdings then read Job chapter 1 verse 21. 'The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.' Cute sweater."

"Fun Fact: Dallas has more churches per capita than anywhere on earth. Oh yeah and Dallas has more strip clubs per capita than anywhere on earth. Two plus two equals a double standard."

Need I quote more? I think not. I will be tuning in next week for more caddy, bitchy, rich, white, Christian women wearing ridiculous clothing and quoting the bible to suite their whim. I'm so in.

Yes, pets do look like their owners.....

Our bed head is crazy. 
That is all.
Thank you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Christian Bitches are everywhere but tonight they are on ABC!

Good Christian Bitches, or GCB as the dumb studio regulated the title to, premieres tonight. (The studio is now trying to say that GCB stands for Good Christian Belles, but I'm not buying and neither should you.)
Am I excited? With a title like Good Christian Bitches, how could I NOT be excited? I have high hopes for this show. I know it will skate that fine line between deliciously soapy and disgustingly soapy. I'm hoping for the former. 
The show takes place in Dallas, where the hair is big, the egos are bigger, and feigning Christianity reigns supreme. 

Watch a promo for convincing if none of my words or the title have done so thus far. 
 My review will be posted sometime tomorrow. I expect you'll be waiting on baited breath?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marina is MY music Alert!

I slowly fell in love with Marina and the Diamonds over a course of the last year through the album The Family Jewels. I have a few songs I'm incredibly obsessed with, including  Obsessions. (I'm so cheeky!) Check the video below for a preview of Marina's sultry voice.

I'm super happy to say that Marina has a new album coming out soon called Electra Heart and I've already fallen in love with her first single, Homewrecker.
check it. I really look forward to this video!!

And for all things Marina check out her website HERE.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

TV catch up 101

Work's been plentiful, which is great, but it has kept me from my TV. I'm playing catch up slowly, but surely. 
So here are some general thoughts.

SMASH!  Wow. It LITERALLY is Glee for adults. Need I say more? NO. If you were ever slightly interested in Glee, then you should be watching Smash

Gossip Girl has started it's "winter hiatus" meaning I don't get any more GG until April. Ugh. Because with the return of Georgina Sparks and Dan's confessional love to Blair I CAN NOT get enough. 

Ringer has stepped over the line to "Deserves to Pick Up for Season 2."  It's become soapy awesome, not quite Revenge awesome, but still awesome.

Cougar Town is back!! I've been missing my cul-de-sac Florida crew oh so bad.
And my anticipation for the return of Community (March 15) has me squirming in my chair like a kid ready for recess.

Surprise laughs goes to Are you there, Chelsea? By God, this show really grew on me. It's finally landing a grove and the laughs are plentiful. 

There's still so much TV to watch. Must go now and enjoy a real day off. :) Cheers.
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