Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Honest Review of 100th GG

Was the 100th episode of Gossip Girl all it was meant to be? Uh, kinda really not sure almost amazing. That's my official statement. 

To start, Serena impersonating Marilyn while singing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend and Blair as Audrey Hepburn was absolutely dead on awesome. Yes, only a dream, but oh so prophetic and simply beautiful. 
Next, the wardrobe was to die for. Amazing dresses on amazing beauties. 

Now the plot of the episode was just so so. It was what it was. 
All the juice came at the end (pun intended) with the reveal of Gossip Girl. And as a loyal fan, I am so totally happy with this new turn. My only question/hope is; now that we know who Gossip Girl REALLY is, will that character now be the narrator? 
I do hope so, cause honestly, it could be a game changer. 
I'm not one for spoilers, so I shan't give anything else away.....
except: I adore Blair and Dan together. I'm excited for next week!
And thus concludes the ramblings of my inner 13 year old self.
Tomorrow I will post about very grown up things, like, uh.........

Monday, January 30, 2012

100th Episode Freak Out

In case you live in a cave, or for some reason don't follow the extremely addictive, sugary pop goodness that is Gossip Girl, tonight is the 100th episode and Blair's wedding!!
WHAT will Happen? 

I will have a full recap and review tomorrow.
Till then, picture me happy as a lion at a feeding time sitting on my couch smiling and oohing and awwing.
Oh happiness consume me whole.

Y'all, I can't help it: My kids AND Husband are cuter than yours and other Hot Topic stuff :)

After the morning gym, Rob worked out Yoshi and dizzied himself up!

They are just so damn cute.

Other exciting news....Madonna will premiere her newest music video THIS Thursday during the God forsaken show American Idol.
(I have completely missed every American Idol episode this season. Anything good?)

I'm damn excited to see this cause I know that snippet is only 11 seconds, but doesn't it look like an episode of Glee? I hope its all I want it to be. 
And of course stay tuned for Sunday nights Halftime show Extravaganza ft. the Goddess herself.

Plus!!! Yes, peeps there is more....
The music video I directed for the incredible band Super Water Sympathy is DONE! 
Hopefully, it will debut this week online. Stay tuned for those deets. 
To finish, I shall quote my favorite movie
"This is Hard Harry, saying 'Eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh, you want more video of my cute puppy? Okay!

Due to an overwhelming demand of cute puppy videos (aka Yoshi!)
I am giving you this.
We call it circus bear. And Crazy Bear.
Yep, my kid's totally cuter than your kid.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Addendum to 'Smah'ing into my Heaven

I watched the full pilot and I am very pleased.
I'm almost mad at myself for watching it early cause now I have a super long time till episode 2.  Umph.

I give two musical singing thumbs way up. And I recommend the show to anyone who likes musicals, drama, or pretty women dancing around. :)

Tune into Smash Feb 6! (check local listings for time.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Smash"ing into my Heaven.

Today started wonderfully. Puppies and Kitties and Husbands and Waffles. A nice clean 3 pages written. And then a flash hit me and I got all riled up. About what? About the mid season show debuting on Feb. 6 called Smash
I first learned of this show months and months back, but I had to keep my excitement at bay so I didn't explode in the time leading up to the premiere. But today, it hit me. Feb. 6 is right around the corner and I can start letting my excitement shower out from the heavens and sprinkle down upon all unsuspecting. 
Let me just say a few single word sentences that describe the show and my excitement.

Singing. Marilyn. Broadway. Drama. Anjelica. Dance. 
To clear it up: This TV show is about the making of a Broadway Musical about Marilyn Monroe. !!!!!!!!!!!

I literally think someone jumped into my heaven and brought it down to NBC and produced this upcoming Smash (Double entendre intended).

For those of you so anxious you can't sleep at night, you'll be happy to learn that you can watch the pilot episode at NBC.com.
I shall do so today. As soon as I hit my 10 pages written. (7 to go!)
For the purist that like to wait till the TV premiere, why don't you take a look at the trailer. Just for an extra excitement in your hum drum Thursday. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I bet my kids are cuter than your kids....and have cheaper toys.

I've proven my puppy was the cutest with this video.
Now, I shall prove why everyone should have a cat and dog,
because we all need pure entertainment.
These are our kids, Yoshi and Buffy. 
Eat your heart out.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Nods are out. yipee!

The day has arrived. Oscar nominations are out. I made a pledge to see every movie nominated for best picture and I'm happy to say that out of 9 nominated I've seen 6. AND I plan to see 2 more this week. I am refraining from seeing War Horse. So I'm losing my pledge, but I don't really care. It won't win.
Here are best picture nominations.
The Tree of Life (2011): Nominees to be determined
War Horse (2011): Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy

I'm mostly happy with all nominations. Most of what was expected.
Here are my disappointments:
Drive. It got a nod for Sound Editing. That's it. Boo.
And Young Adult didn't get diddly squat. No nods to Diablo Cody for her glorious original script.
My favorite movies of the year got shat on. Typical Academy. 
I still hold true that if Hugo wins Best Picture I will NEVER watch or care about this awards ceremony. 

On lighter, way happier notes.
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011): William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg
was nominated for Best Animated Short. 
I'm extremely happy about this cause that short was made in Shreveport by the lovely Moonbot Studios AND my husband has his name in the credits. He did a small amount. (Camera Operator Visual Effects & Behind the Scenes). 

If I were to judge my life success by that of the Academy (and I'm not saying that I do or don't) then by God, Bledska Works is one step closer. Right?  The logic works out in my head. 

For the complete list of Nominations go HERE

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I bet my puppy is cuter than your puppy....

I'm serious. My puppy Yoshi wins the Cute award, at least for January 2012. Animals are awesome.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Atlas Shrugged all the way home

Atlas Shrugged is a favorite novel of mine. I was much surprised and pleased to run across this trailer for a documentary about Ayn Rand's philosophies coming to fruition. EVERYONE should watch this trailer. Then eventually the documentary. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Living the life

Day 2.
Directing a music video for Super Water Sympathy. 
It's going AHmazingly well. 
I like my life. 
Blog post done ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something 'Golden' lurks in North Dakota

I'm sure you guys have been waiting for my Golden Globe thoughts. Well, I haven't got many cause I didn't watch it. I was busy. But I'm happy The Descendants won. And George Clooney. And of course Madonna winning song. That pleased the hell out of me. Michelle Williams wins for her turn as Marilyn...deserved. Scorsese winning for Director of Hugo....Uggghhhh. And as far as other movie categories, I haven't seen the movie so I won't hate or love.
TV wins. Homeland!!!!!! And Claire Danes. How crazy for Claire to pick up another Golden Globe 15 years after her turn as Angela Chase. Girl can act. Very happy she won. Also deserved.

That's about that. I just feel this award season is lack luster at the moment. eh. 

So I will leave you with a chuckle.
check out the tourism advertisement below. Please note the 'Legendary' below North Dakota. Oh, it makes me chuckle.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wheels are turning, gearing up Director style.

So this week I'm directing a music video for my Favorite local band Super Water Sympathy. I've blogged about this band a bunch! And now I'm blessed, along with my working partner and husband, to be producing, directing, and shooting a music video.
It's gonna be AHAmazing! Stay tuned!
Meanwhile. We NEED extras to come to a bar and hang out while we shoot the band.
check out this local blog:
Shreveport blogspot 
They gave us a nice shout out in request for Extras. So if you are here in Shreveport and are free Tuesday 17th from 5-10pm come down to

630 Commerce Street
Shreveport, LA 71101-3629
(318) 227-8041

It'll be a fun night of music. Come hang, drink, and watch some magic happen!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Are you there Vodka? Wednesday night TV review

Wednesday night TV is shaping up to be.....good TV, mostly.
We've got our staples, Modern Family, Revenge, Suburgatory. Adding to my Wednesday line up is One Tree Hill and Are you there, Chelsea
Of course, One Tree Hill was all I needed it to be and I'm very anxious for the last 12 episodes. Again, someone dies, and I don't know who!!?? 
Now, the brand new, Are you there, Chelsea? is a little more complex for me to simply review. Based on Chelsea Handler's memoir Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea, with Laura Prepon (That 70's show) taking the lead. Laura Prepon has always been ALMOST funny to me. She's always on the brink, but just lacks that extra ineffable thing that makes me laugh aloud. She's totally capable of her job, but as a comedic force spewing lines from the unstoppable mouth of Chelsea Handler??? Eh. Chelsea Handler is brash, uncouth, whorish, and delightful in her acceptance of all these personality traits. But, Laura Prepon acting like Chelsea is like watching a pretty girl act like Chelsea Handler. Its odd. Its unsettling.  Especially with Chelsea Handler acting in the show as the uptight sister. Weird.
The show may be better if it didn't have a laugh track. 
I Love that there is a show with a strong female character that can "drink like two men" and enjoys sex freely. All good ingredients. But add that laugh track and suddenly I feel a forced lightness to every drink and sex joke. Are you there, Chelsea? is like staring at all the ingredients to cake, and as a viewer you just keep waiting for them to mix it and bake it. Cause till then, it's inedible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bledska....coming so soon

Check this out. It's super awesome and it's super teasing.

I know you like that.

So check it.


Super awesome coming soon. And you'll notice my new logo inspiration.

Natalie is gonna Kill My Boyfriend....and u should watch

Artist: Natalia Kills
Song: Kill My Boyfriend

Why you should watch: Because I said so. And it's Beautiful! And I love it. Enough said.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Tree Hill in my heart and forgetful mind.....

I've been perfectly honest about my addiction to One Tree Hill. I can't, I won't explain it. I just freaking love it. 
I haven't been paying attention to winter TV premiere dates and today I was surprised to see a promo for One Tree Hill which starts TOMORROW!!!!! WHAT?!  Today Dance Moms, tomorrow One Tree Hill!!!! It's like make Mindy happy week :)

If you don't watch the show, it's cool. I get it. I won't harp. BUT, if you do, YOU have got to see this final promo. 
I don't know who dies, but I guarantee I will be crying. Yes, One Tree Hill will make me cry. 

You can watch the crappy video below or ......

go HERE and watch the nicer, prettier version. I strongly recommend the latter. 

Dancing, bitching, & acrobating into my heart

Over the summer I became obsessed with the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms. The show is jaw dropping awesome, in the trashy reality show way. If anyone recalls, I named Dance Moms as my OMG Reality TV Moment  in my Summer TV Awards. Don't remember? Click here for a recap. 
Well the splendid has happened and Season 2 is premiering tonight on Lifetime. What's so glorious about this is that I haven't even seen a sneak peak or trailer. All footage I watch will be brand spanking new. And I'm so bloody excited about it. Its the small things in life, right?

So, if you love trashy reality TV or if there is a gay man living inside your head that laughs along at all outrageous moments committed by TV fame whores, then tune in tonight for an all new Dance Moms.
Lifetime....at some time, check your local listing.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just so you know.....

I'm going through some terrible withdrawals. Last night I was shaking, itching, feigning for some Dexter Homeland combo. But no, I have another 6, 7 months before my Sunday nights are filled with frightening happiness. 
Until then, Showtime is giving us Season 2 of Shameless and a new series called House of Lies.
I never finished season 1 of Shameless. I thought it was a good show, but for some reason it got lost in my shuffle of shows after 3 episodes. Season 1 is now available to stream via Netflix, so maybe....
As for House of Lies, I haven't watched it....yet. I'm sure I will drag my feet just like I did with Homeland, and eventually watch it. But, deep down, I know I won't like it as much as Homeland. Not that House of Lies is a "replacement" cause the two shows aren't even in the same genre, but damnit, in my Sunday night lineup it is a replacement because I'm stuck with Lies and No Homeland.  

Now that I've had my temper tantrum, I will say that Kristen Bell will be the reason I tune into Lies. She is comedic happiness for me. 
So, stay tuned, someday I will review House of Lies. 
Until then.....watch CAGED on MTV tonight 9/8c.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Caged Sneak Peak on MTV

How many of my loyal followers stayed awake to watch the sneak peak of Caged last night? Hopefully all 8 of you did.
IF you did, you were able to enjoy a docu style reality show that was pretty damn good. I'm trying to NOT be bias on this tiny review. 
Key points for me: I laughed. Daniel is special, pretty, but special and his choice of words strung together into semi sentences stands out as the highlight of hilarity. 
Drama side: The build up to the fights is nice and there is some real tension lurking. 
Now to the bragging:
check that pic below.
Look closely at the credits....see it right above....My name. And Rob's name. Also, Rob and I both did some shooting for the show and we both had shots in the pilot. We were feeling pretty awesome about that. 
So If you haven't watched Caged yet, shame on you. But you can tune in Monday at 9 on MTV to watch it again. Or got to MTV.com and watch it there. Either way. WATCH. 
Now, on to Bledska work. :) Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Music in TV

I was recently asked if I could find a song that played during a certain scene on a certain TV show.
No problem. Found.
But I think it's time you all know the best website ever!!


The website speaks for itself, but I'll speak a little on its behalf.
They list songs by episodes and brief description of what was occurring on screen. And you can preview the song to see if its what you heard!! It's fucking genius. 
Bookmark the site for your convenience  :)

Thank you Internet. Thank you. 

Also. EVERYONE!!! Tune into MTV tonight for the premiere of CAGED! Airing after Jersey Shore. You should do it solely for the purpose that it paid our bills for 5 months :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OMG!! Surprises, TV shows, oh my!

Revenge is back on TV tonight! Rejoice you drama loving folks, the high class is back with a gun in their hands.

Also back on tonight is the lovely Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Top Chef Texas. I'm new to Top Chef and it quickly became my favorite competition reality show. I want to try all the food.

Tomorrow night we've got the ever so missed Vampire Diaries! And Grey's Anatomy. And Secret Circle, if you're into that kinda thing :)
Hell froze over and Jersey Shore kicks off it's 5th season. (I poke fun, but I'm still gonna watch. Why? I DON'T KNOW. I CAN'T STOP NOW!

Also, for all my readers, a little surprise. 
Caged, the TV show that Rob worked on for Months and me for 10 days is premiering early on MTV. Set your DVR's, sit in front of the TV, I don't care, just watch it tomorrow night after Jersey Shore. That's right folks, MTV execs love Caged so much that they are early premiering it behind their number 1 rated show. Must be good, right?

So check your local listings and have a couple of good nights of TV. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year, Super Water style!!

Happy New Year everyone! I do hope you had a joyous time ringing in the new year. I so did. Spent the first day of the year recovering from it. :)

Through my joyous haze I managed to capture the countdown to the New Year by the undeniably great band Super Water Sympathy.
Yes, we (me, my hubby, & our BFF Derek) spent New Year's Eve watching SWS play their hearts out. I could not have imagined a better evening. To add icing to this cake, my husband won a SWS Tshirt and signed CD. He was like a little kid a Christmas!
So here's the footage of the countdown....
Also, Super Water has announced 45+ city tour! Check it out here and be sure to check them out live!
As for resolutions?
 ah, you know the same ol same....
Drink premium, never wells!
Write more
Create more art
and the big one...Run a 5k. It will take me a year of training I'm sure, but dag nab it, I'm gonna do it. 

That's it folks. Did you make resolutions? Anyone want to join my quest of the lowly 5k?
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