Friday, January 25, 2013

New Website!

New Webiste! From now on I'll be blogging from this new site! Be sure to bookmark, my favicon is awesome, thank you

Thursday, January 24, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum -- The End. **No Spoilers**

Last night's season finale gives me mixed feelings. The last three episodes were packed tight with story. It makes me reflect on the entire season. What was so important in the first half of the season that they had to pack so much information in the last 3 episodes?
Did the writers/showrunners not know how they were going to end this episodic adventure? I would love a redo of the entire season because the last three episodes could have been 5 episodes. Or maybe they should have extended the season in order to let those episodes breathe a bit. 
The finale felt like an epilogue of a book/story I hadn't finished yet. 
However, I did mostly enjoy it, especially the next to last scene with Lana. That character is inspiring. Her strength and foresight and ambition makes me want to be a better woman. 
I will soon re watch season 1 and do a comparison of the two seasons, deciding which is better.
Overall, this season of American Horror Story gets 4 stars. And, I'm very excited for the next installment. 

Side note: Tomorrow I launch my new website! 
Get ready to change your bookmarks to my new site.  

JT left his suit & tie on my floor... and more- :)

During my first few listens of Justin Timberlake's new song Suit & Tie, I just wasn't digging it. And then this lyric video happened.
And I started to swoon and pant cause damn, JT can wear a suit. Officially my favorite lyric video of 2013. I want to add; JT sitting at the piano with a smoke and coffee cup is the kind of picture I'd like to wake up every morning to.

Then this morning I discovered this little gem: Goes to show that Taylor Swift can write some good songs. It's all about delievery. And Tom Odell delivers a song worth really listening to.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do we care? Does it matter?: The Lip Syncing Edition

The President is inaugurated and all we can talk about is rather or not Beyonce lip synched the National Anthem. Does this information really matter? I've watched the video and honestly, I have no idea if she lip synched or not, and I don't really care. It's not like this is a SNL Ashlee Simpson debacle. Yes, I would have found it way more entertaining if Beyonce's prerecording had skipped. That would be national news! Can you imagine?! Lol. The fact is, that didn't happen and Beyonce sounded great. I can not conceive of the pressure surrounding any of the singers at the inauguration. 
Here's my quandary; Let's say Beyonce did lip synch, like it's a fact. Would she have the same backlash that Ashlee Simpson did? Or would we forgive her because she's proven herself time and time again?
What really gets me saddened by our national news is that Beyonce's may or may not of is the top story. Do we really care? Should we really care? Aren't there better stories to report on?
Also has a launch date. Click it :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Epic Love Ballads: Do they exist today?

I opened Itunes and put it on shuffle all songs, next thing I knew I was singing along to Next Time I Fall in Love by Peter Cetera & Amy GrantNaturally, I stopped what I was doing and looked up the video. It had been years, but I had/have a romantic nostalgia about the song and video. Turns out the video isn't as good as memory, which is why I understand that some things, people, places should remain memories. The song held up, but, this isn't my real point. Listening to the song really had me thinking, "What happened to the epic Love Ballads? Or the Rock Ballads?" Remember the 80's and 90's when music was almost inundated with too many ballads? And all those CD's/tapes came out with 'The Best Ballads of 1992.' And we would buy them, even if we owned every song already. Now, I feel we are left with Celine Dion to deliver the ballads. That saddens to me no end because I don't listen to Celine Dion, at least not in 8, 9  years. 
I started trying to rack my brain for current epic ballads, but I came up short. Is it that the new 'ballads' are harder to spot now a days because they contain more subtlety? Or do they just not exist anymore? I kept coming up with songs only to realize they came out in the 90s. Am I getting that old, or are we missing the big, sweeping, epic ballads? And please don't talk about Celine or Alica Keys or Beyonce or other singers with great voices. That isn't my point. Yes, they may sing about love, but are the songs big, sweeping, ballads that give you chills? Do  they really compare to what we witnessed during the 80s and 90s?
I will let you ponder these thoughts with some of my favorite sweeping ballads. Send me your favorite ballads. Are there great sweeping ballads today that I'm missing? Please send!

The Following: Is it worth your time?

The Following premiered last night on Fox. And, it was, a faintly reminiscent story we've all seen or read by someone like James Patterson. I won't totally hate on the show, yet. I'll give leeway to the "pilot syndrome" aka, the pilot can suck but the show gets good.
I will say I loved to see a serial killer escape from jail while Patsy Cline serenaded us. My overall liking stopped there. The show comes across a bit heavy handed with Edgar Allan Poe being the romantic manifesto for the oh so attractive serial killer. Wrought with typical dialogue and typical characters, The Following left me feeling, bored. Will I tune in next week? Yes, I want to have faith in what could be a Se7en like story brought to me every week. I WANT that to happen. But, if the next two episodes are slathering on the cliche dialogue and characters, then I'm out. Not even Kevin Bacon could make me suffer a season of that B.S.

Monday, January 21, 2013

New TV show tonight: The Following!

The Following premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8 pm. It's Kevin Bacon chasing a serial killer. Who's not in for that?
Watch the teaser before the episode airs tonight!

I'm all up in a hissy fit: Affleck was robbed.

I finally got to see Argo. Waited long enough, but totally worth the wait, cause, you know good things come to those who wait :)
As my husband put it, "Argo was a lesson in tension." I couldn't agree more. This tension filled flick was great and superbly directed. 
I loved David O. Russell's The Fighter, and believed in his nomination for that film. I do not believe in he receiving a nod for Silver Linings Playbook over Ben Affleck for Argo. Argo-fuck-yourself! Affleck rose from joke to the real deal. I admire his tenacity and revel in his storytelling talent. 
So yeah, I'm all up in a hissy fit, Affleck was robbed of at least the nomination. I'm happy he snagged the Golden Globe for Directing and for Best Picture.
I've yet to see Zero Dark Thirty, which I'm hearing is a game changer. I will this week and then begin my "Argo vs. Zero Dark Thirty: Who should win?" debate.
Stay tuned my fine readers. Also, a countdown to  is just around the corner. New site, more fun. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Update: Sliver Lining Review, New music, Acapulco

I've finally kicked the strange aliments that plagued me during last week. Now it's time for a recap of the week.

  • I finally got to see Silver Linings Playbook. I've been anxious to see this movie, especially after all the nominations (8 Oscar nods including Best Picture) and wins thus far (Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe). My expectations were high for this film. Maybe too high, cause when I left the theater, I was just fine with the movie. Just fine. I didn't feel anything. I knew I watched a solid Romantic Comedy, but I didn't feel like I had watched an Oscar Nominated Romantic Comedy. The performances were fine. The story was good. Again, it was a solid movie. But, I'm unsure if it deserves the Oscar love it's getting. Maybe a second watching would yield a different feeling within, but, to be honest, I don't really want to watch it again. 
  • Lance Armstrong admitted to doping. Lol. Yes, I find this funny.
  • American Horror Story: Asylum once again delivered a fast paced wonderful episode. Only 1 episode remains, and I am on the edge of my seat. I'm still waiting/hoping that this last episode will give a connection to season 1. 
  • Justin Timberlake and Ashlee Simpson both returned to the music scene this week. JT gave us a new single, Suit & Tie that kinda bored me and Ashlee gave us a full music video for her single Bat for a Heart. It is weird, but I almost like it. 

  • In the funniest news (to me): Gossip Girl lives! in Acapulco. Yes, Gossip Girl: Acapulco is real. I'm gonna learn spanish just to watch! Here's a 5 minute teaser. Oh my, did it make me laugh. 


Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Happy weekend.
I'm watching movies, movies, movies. Why Not Mindy Review to come.
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