Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Sorry For....Blog style

The past month has seen me working out of town on a movie, finishing my short film, and awaiting a storm that never hit. (Stupid sprinkles of jr. rain. Grow up) Bygones.

As I have stated, my short film has made it into the top 20 film festival. Bledska Works is in the running for money! yay.

Be sure to keep up with all activities via facebook. 

On to Big Brother. Yes, I can't believe I was able to write all those sentences without once referencing Dan's most epic Big Brother move of. all. time.  Superb reality television. 

Last summer I became obsessed with Dance Moms. This summer, I'm worse. I have to do jaw exercises after each episode to avoid soreness because my mouth hangs open for 43 minutes. Spectacular Entertainment. 

Season 1 of Homeland has cemented itself in my brain vault as the most surprising, riveting, edge of the couch, can't get another drink cause I don't want to miss anything smash hit. So you can imagine my excitment when I saw the trailer for season 2. Oh holy hell am I excited.

So today, I leave you with that: I shouldn't have to say this, but, spoilers below. If you haven't watched all of season 1 or none of it then don't click play.
Happy watching. 


Friday, August 10, 2012

We Made Top 20 and now we are going for a drink!

As Rob and I work hard down in New Orleans, back up in Shreveport announcements were made for the Top 20 finalists in The Louisiana Film Prize and our short made it! Yes, we are in the Top 20. Which means our short will be screened during the film festival in October AND we are in the running for $50,000 !!!!!! Crazy right? Nope. AMAZING.
Thing is, in order to win that top awesome prize you need audience vote. There is a judges panel, which counts for half, but the other half is all attending audience. So we need a strong following, and people who love our film to come out to the festival so they can vote!!
How are we gonna make that happen? Not really sure yet, but somehow, someway, we'll figure it out. 
So if you like my blog, I hope you have "liked" the Facebook page for our short
We will have updates and video for your entertainment. Perhaps you can pass it along to all your friends and get them excited. And then they will pass it along and on and on and on. :)
For details on the festival:

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