Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Epic Love Ballads: Do they exist today?

I opened Itunes and put it on shuffle all songs, next thing I knew I was singing along to Next Time I Fall in Love by Peter Cetera & Amy GrantNaturally, I stopped what I was doing and looked up the video. It had been years, but I had/have a romantic nostalgia about the song and video. Turns out the video isn't as good as memory, which is why I understand that some things, people, places should remain memories. The song held up, but, this isn't my real point. Listening to the song really had me thinking, "What happened to the epic Love Ballads? Or the Rock Ballads?" Remember the 80's and 90's when music was almost inundated with too many ballads? And all those CD's/tapes came out with 'The Best Ballads of 1992.' And we would buy them, even if we owned every song already. Now, I feel we are left with Celine Dion to deliver the ballads. That saddens to me no end because I don't listen to Celine Dion, at least not in 8, 9  years. 
I started trying to rack my brain for current epic ballads, but I came up short. Is it that the new 'ballads' are harder to spot now a days because they contain more subtlety? Or do they just not exist anymore? I kept coming up with songs only to realize they came out in the 90s. Am I getting that old, or are we missing the big, sweeping, epic ballads? And please don't talk about Celine or Alica Keys or Beyonce or other singers with great voices. That isn't my point. Yes, they may sing about love, but are the songs big, sweeping, ballads that give you chills? Do  they really compare to what we witnessed during the 80s and 90s?
I will let you ponder these thoughts with some of my favorite sweeping ballads. Send me your favorite ballads. Are there great sweeping ballads today that I'm missing? Please send!

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