Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Following: Is it worth your time?

The Following premiered last night on Fox. And, it was, a faintly reminiscent story we've all seen or read by someone like James Patterson. I won't totally hate on the show, yet. I'll give leeway to the "pilot syndrome" aka, the pilot can suck but the show gets good.
I will say I loved to see a serial killer escape from jail while Patsy Cline serenaded us. My overall liking stopped there. The show comes across a bit heavy handed with Edgar Allan Poe being the romantic manifesto for the oh so attractive serial killer. Wrought with typical dialogue and typical characters, The Following left me feeling, bored. Will I tune in next week? Yes, I want to have faith in what could be a Se7en like story brought to me every week. I WANT that to happen. But, if the next two episodes are slathering on the cliche dialogue and characters, then I'm out. Not even Kevin Bacon could make me suffer a season of that B.S.

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