Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm all up in a hissy fit: Affleck was robbed.

I finally got to see Argo. Waited long enough, but totally worth the wait, cause, you know good things come to those who wait :)
As my husband put it, "Argo was a lesson in tension." I couldn't agree more. This tension filled flick was great and superbly directed. 
I loved David O. Russell's The Fighter, and believed in his nomination for that film. I do not believe in he receiving a nod for Silver Linings Playbook over Ben Affleck for Argo. Argo-fuck-yourself! Affleck rose from joke to the real deal. I admire his tenacity and revel in his storytelling talent. 
So yeah, I'm all up in a hissy fit, Affleck was robbed of at least the nomination. I'm happy he snagged the Golden Globe for Directing and for Best Picture.
I've yet to see Zero Dark Thirty, which I'm hearing is a game changer. I will this week and then begin my "Argo vs. Zero Dark Thirty: Who should win?" debate.
Stay tuned my fine readers. Also, a countdown to  is just around the corner. New site, more fun. :)

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