Thursday, January 24, 2013

American Horror Story: Asylum -- The End. **No Spoilers**

Last night's season finale gives me mixed feelings. The last three episodes were packed tight with story. It makes me reflect on the entire season. What was so important in the first half of the season that they had to pack so much information in the last 3 episodes?
Did the writers/showrunners not know how they were going to end this episodic adventure? I would love a redo of the entire season because the last three episodes could have been 5 episodes. Or maybe they should have extended the season in order to let those episodes breathe a bit. 
The finale felt like an epilogue of a book/story I hadn't finished yet. 
However, I did mostly enjoy it, especially the next to last scene with Lana. That character is inspiring. Her strength and foresight and ambition makes me want to be a better woman. 
I will soon re watch season 1 and do a comparison of the two seasons, deciding which is better.
Overall, this season of American Horror Story gets 4 stars. And, I'm very excited for the next installment. 

Side note: Tomorrow I launch my new website! 
Get ready to change your bookmarks to my new site.  

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